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Spare key Plastimo for nable

Plastimo spare key for nable

Starting at: $4.85

Polyamideable keyPlastimo

Sand key Plastimo polyamide


Nable plugsOsculati , adjustable siphon

Rubber and nylon

Starting at: $6.06

Stainless steel plug with neoprene seal 22 mm Osculati

Stainless steel, with neoprene gasket. For all types of hull trunking. Locking by turning the handle


Sand Chrome plated brass Osculati

Made of chrome-plated brass, with nylon cap. Device that prevents the cap from being lost even when unscrewed.

Starting at: $7.27

Expandable plug Lalizas - ø35mm

Expandable plug ø35mm


Osculati Ringed sand plug

Stainless steel, with neoprene body. Fits all nables, Ø 22 mm.

Starting at: $7.27

Cockpit evacuation 1Osculati "1/2 with grate

In white nylon.


Cork plug kit Osculati

Kit 3 pieces


Expandable plug Lalizas - ø40mm

Expandable plug ø40mm


Adjustable expandable plug Lalizas ø22mm

Expandable plug Lalizas adjustable ø22mm


Black plasticNuova Rade sand

Nable Nuova Rade Black Plastic, available in two diameters.

Starting at: $11.64

Regular Price: $14.55


Limited quantity!

Plastic nables Plastimo without vent

Plastic Plastimo Nables without vent

Starting at: $13.34

Small chrome-plated brass Plastimo sand

Small sand Plastimo chrome-plated brass




Chrome-plated brass Osculati drain table 20 mm

For stern and bilge.


White plasticNuova Rade sand ø38mm

White plastic sand ø38mm, with blue cap for fresh water and red cap for fuel

Starting at: $14.55

Stainless steelPlastimo replacement plug

Replacement plug Plastimo nable stainless steel

Starting at: $15.76

Spare plug,Plastimo plastic Plastic

Replacement plug Plastimo nable Plastic Plastic

Starting at: $16.97

PlasticPlastimo tables with vent

Plastic Plastimo Nables with vent

Starting at: $18.18

AISI 316 and plastic Osculati slab

Stainless steel AISI 316 mirror polished + adjustable nylon counterpart for sandwich mounting on the wall.


Stainless SteelPlastimo Nables

Stainless steel tables for water, black water, petrol and diesel

Starting at: $36.25

AluminiumPlastimo tables

Plastic tables for water, black water, petrol and diesel

Starting at: $42.31

Chrome-plated brass Plastimo tables

Plastimo Chrome Brass Plastimo Tables

Starting at: $42.43

Nable CleverOsculati

Body in technopolymer and molded protection in mirror polished stainless steel. - Aesthetic flush; - Quick opening 1/4 turn (except Waste version); - Retaining cord replaceable in case of breakage

Starting at: $44.86

quick empty sand kit 3D Tender for tender

Quick emptying for annex 3d tender


Aluminium tables Plastimo - Fuel - Ø pipe: 38 mm - Aluminium Anodized

Nables Plastimo aluminium - Carburant - Ø tuyau: 38 mm - Alu. Anodisé




Angled chrome-plated brassPlastimo tables

Plastimo tables, chrome-plated brass, angled

Starting at: $54.55

Chrome-plated brassPlastimo tables with lever lock

Plastimo tables, chrome-plated brass, lever lock

Starting at: $60.62

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