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Cap attachmentChums

Lightweight, corrosion-resistant metal clip.


Lalizas Dry Bag - 5 L

These Dry Bags are an ideal product for all water sports and boating activities.


Keyring Round fenderOcean

Keyring Ocean Round threshing guard


Key ring White fenderOcean

Keyring Ocean White threshing guard


Floating neopreneChums key ring

Neoprene and foam. Ensures the buoyancy of several keys.




Pack of 3 HPANorgradyzer pouches

Set of 3 - Waterproof

Starting at: $9.42

Lalizas Dry Bag for Small VHF Radio - 35x10cm

The ultimate dry bag for the protection of your handheld electronic equipment (GPS, VHF, mobile phone). Made of durable vinyl.


Lalizas Waterproof Phone Case

Lalizas Waterproof Phone Case


ReinforcedO'WAVE waterproof pockets

Reinforced model for intensive or professional use.

Starting at: $12.95

Floating Chums wallet

Floating wallet and key ring.




O'Wave Waterproof Smartphone Pouch

O'Wave Waterproof Smartphone Pouch



LED Beanie Black CAT plain

A stylish and very comfortable hat with an integrated LED light.


Sea-Band Bracelet - anti seasickness

Anti seasickness bracelet. Acts according to the acupressure principle, 4 to 5 minutes after installation. Does not have any side effects.




O'WAVE Reinforced waterproof pouch - VHF

Reinforced waterproof pouch for VHF.




O'Wave Tonic Lemon Dry Bag - 16 L

O'Wave Tonic Lemon Dry Bag 16 L in see-through yellow PVC


Plastimo Anti-Seasickness Wrist Band

Natural method to provide effective nausea control for people suffering from seasickness


Aqua Design Dropp Inn Waterproof Case

Waterproof case to keep your personal belongings dry.


Patented floating key ring Osculati

Can support a weight of 120 grams once activated.


Multifunction Osculatipliers - stainless steel

High quality, stainless steel, sold with case.


Osculati6-function multifunction tool

Hammer - Wrench - Pliers - Knife (2 blades) - Screwdriver 12 options (Phillips, flat, torx, hexagon). With nylon case.


Aqua Design Keep Inn Waterproof Box

Waterproof box for your belongings or survival kit


Lalizas Ténéré Dry Bag - 40 L - Red

The new heavy-duty dry bags Ténéré are the ideal choice for kayaking, canoeing and rafting, but also for every sailing and boating need.



Aqua Design Padd Inn Waterproof Case

ABS Waterproof Case for IPADs.


Case Steiner for Commander XP 7X50 binocular

Steiner case for Commander XP 7X50 binocular


HPA Semi Dry Mini Duffle Bag - 25 L

Semi dry bag, 25 L . 40cm x 25cm x 25cm . Zip closure . Abrasion resistant reinforced bottom.


Plastimo Wet and Dry Bag

Black/Red - 35L - Dry Waterproof Compartment IP66


HPA Dryback Dry Bag - 40L

HPA Dryback Waterproof Bag - 40L

Starting at: $100.06

Waterproof Kannadsports bag - 42 L

Waterproof - Yellow - 42 Litres


28 Item(s)

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