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Sailing Shoes Lalizas Pro Race 2mm

Pro Race shoes are your stylish and comfortable footware for the beach and water-sport activities.

Starting at: $32.49

Regular Price: $37.80


WeekendGoodYear Boots

Multi-purpose high boot ideal for all your leisure activities: Fishing, walking....... High strength rod Abrasion and abrasion resistant...

Starting at: $35.68

GoodYear Land Pvc boots

Technical leisure and walking boot for all types of terrain

Starting at: $36.71

La Marlin BlueGoodYear Boots

Ideal boot for any maritime activity Category: Maritime Activity Technical Specifications Cold and hydr...

Starting at: $41.55

Regular Price: $69.26


Pro Race semi dry boots Lalizas 6mm

Pro Race Neoprene boots protect your feet from cold water. They are made of 6mm neoprene thickness to keep your body warm in cold water.

Starting at: $47.64

GoodYear La Crossover Boots

Technical all-terrain boot developed for foot comfort and safety in any type of outdoor environment Stem....

Starting at: $49.76

GoodYear La marlin PVC Boots

Navy blue PVC boots, white sole, ideal for water sports and outdoor use

Starting at: $56.21

Lalizas sailing boots

These Boots are perfect for sailing. Made of natural rubber with razor cut, non-slip soles, for better traction. Hard wearing with extra toe and heel reinforcement.

Starting at: $57.40

Deck shoes Lalizas grey

Lalizas expands its Deck Shoes range, by adding a new sportive deck shoe, which will serve your demanding boating and casual needs.

Starting at: $61.73

Crew XM Yachting shoes man navy blue and brown

The classic deck shoe in soft cowhide leather with a soft pull up. - High performance stains. - All materials treated sea.

Starting at: $65.85

WalkerGoodYear Boots

Technical walking boot ideal for hunting and fishing on all types of terrain.... Technical Specifications Stem and sowing...

Starting at: $69.26

CruisingXM Yachting Boots

High boots - Non-slip rubber outsole with water drainage channels and razor blade cutting.

Starting at: $73.64

Regular Price: $86.64


Filled FishfurGoodYear boots

Technical boot with a very tightly adhered seamless sole High-strength PVC Filled interior Very adhesive notched sole...

Starting at: $79.00

Deck shoes Skipper Lalizas brown and brown sole

Cruise in style with Lalizas Skipper Deck Shoes . Designed to provide comfort and durability, they are ideal for use at all times, while traveling at sea or strolling on land.

Starting at: $134.29

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