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Hub cover 90° 90

90° hub cover for T71,T73,T91/T93ZT


20° hub cover

20° hub cover for T71,T73,T91/T93ZT


Teleflex Light Duty rack

LIGHT DUTY rack, with bracket and cover, 2.55 turns port to starboard


Steering gearbox T85ULTRAFLEX

For inboard or Stern-Drive or Hord-bord boats up to 300 HP (221 kW). Particularly suitable for confined spaces.




T67ULTRAFLEX steering gearbox

Circular rack-and-pinion steering with helically coated cable driven by a sprocket. Integrated 90° support. Brake supplied as standard.




StandardULTRAFLEX steering gearbox T71 FC

In-bord or Z-drive


StandardULTRAFLEX steering gearbox T73

For boats up to 9/10 meters and speeds under 50 MPH. This system allows you to release the steering wheel and stay on course.


Teleflex No FeedBack gear rack with multiple gears

NFB SAFE-T II gear rack increased, without any return, 4.2 turns port to starboard




8 Item(s)

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