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Bardahl degreasing cleaner 600 ml

Removes oil, grease, tar and fresh glue. Dries quickly without leaving any traces. Removes all types of deposits.


WD-40 Super anti-seize 400ML

WD-40 Super anti-seize 400ML


Starter can Start Pilote - 300 ml

START PILOTE is a fluid that provides an instant start in all weathers for gasoline and diesel engines.


Bardahl carburettor cleaner gasoline 400 ml

Cleans the inside and outside of the carburetor and the single and multi-point injection systems. Compatible with all 2T and 4T engines.


Bardahl petrol stabiliser 250 ml

250 ml measuring bottle to treat 250 L. Ensures optimal fuel conservation during wintering.


Bardahl gasoline and diesel water dispersant 300 ml

Eliminates water due to condensation in the fuel. 300ml canister to treat 150L.


WD40 Universal Grease 400ML

WD40 Universal Grease 400ML - Degreaser


3 in 1 Dry Lubricant (new WD) PTFE 400ml

Dry Lubricant 3 in 1 PTFE 400ml


Sierra Carbon Cleaner Deposit Cleaner - 340g

Cleaning deposits on intake manifolds, valves, pistons and combustion chambers.


Combifuel Matt Chem Marine 100ML

Traitement de securité. Diminue les fumées, émulsifie l'eau présente dans le gasoil.


Bardahl Diesel Biocide Treatment 250 ml

250 ml measuring bottle to treat 250 L. Effectively fights bacteria, yeasts and other moulds.


Bardahl Protect Spray Overwintering 400 ml

Forms a protective anti-corrosion film on mechanical parts. Facilitates the disassembly of parts.


DFC2020 Diesel Additive - 250ml

Le DFC2020 est soluble et compatible avec toutes qualités de diesel (GO, MGO, HFO, ..) • Economie de carburant • Réduit les frais d'entretien • Réduction des émissions • Freine le développement des bactéries, algues et champignons • Nettoie le moteur • Empêche et élim...


Bardahl Diesel Injector Cleaner 500 ml

Cleans the entire injection system. Restores the flow rate of the injectors. 500ml bottle to treat 100L.


Bardahl Diesel Biocide Treatment 1 L

1 L container to treat 1000 L. Effectively fights bacteria, yeasts and other moulds.


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