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Osculati Fuel funnel, American type

In white/red PVC. Floating. With fine filter and overflow protection. Fits all tanks.


4Water Anti-roll plastic funnel for fuel - Diam: 130mm

Plastic funnel for fuel, diameter 130mm.


Plastimo Anti-roll plastic funnel for fuel

Anti-roll funnel for fuel, transparent plastic, with filter. Diameter 180 mm Height 170 mm


Osculati Anti-splash fuel funnel

Double pipe, rigid and flexible. Orange plastic, floating with fuel filter. Ø of the neck 142 mm.


Funnel Smart Tech Mr Funnel with stainless steel filter

Mr. Funnel's Smart Tech funnel' with integrated 75 micron stainless steel filter covered with a special "Teflon" coating to remove all impurities and water from your fuel.

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Funnel with separator filterPlastimo

The funnel with "Mr. Funnel" filter is designed to retain water and impurities. Can be used with most fuels (gasoline, diesel, oil...)

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