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Jerrycan hydrocarbure Proxitech

Jerrican plastique rouge de 5L à 20L

Starting at: $8.08

Jerrycan Vdm hydrocarbons - 5L

Jerrycan model reinforced, waterproof and non-deformable. With articulated spout.


Jerrycan OsculatiEltex

Reinforced, waterproof and non-deformable Jerrycan model. With articulated spout.

Starting at: $9.65

Jerrycan GEORGES DAVID 5L red

Jerrycan Georges David 5L red, integrated spout.


Jerrycan Plastimo for fuel

Jerrycan for fuel. Plastic model 5, 10 or 20 litres.

Starting at: $19.18

Nuova Rade jerrycan

Very stable and easy to grip.

Starting at: $20.50

Plastimo High density feeder

Nurse made of high density polyethylene. A compartment at the bottom of the nurse is the safety reserve, you only need to lean the nurse to access it.

Starting at: $26.41

Nurse Osculati - With or Without level indicator

Feed from 12 to 22 litres

Starting at: $36.18

Jerrycan Plastimo for fuel - 23 litres

Made of high density polyethylene. Can be used as a nourrice and receive a priming bulb with hose for connection to the engine.




Jerrycan hydrocarbure Métal Proxitech - 20L

Jerrican Métal 20L


PolyethylenePlastimo fuel tank

High density polyethylene tanks. Supplied with a multifunctional polyamide plate.

Starting at: $120.60

Jerrycan 19L SCEPTER

Approved by the United Nations and NATO, standardized dimensions for military supports. Blurred elastomer seal. Can be used with all types of fuels


VerticalPlastimo fuel tank

Vertical fuel tank made of high-density polyethylene.

Starting at: $229.13

Special Plastimo high capacity tanks

Flat or V-bottom tanks made of high-density polyethylene.

Starting at: $508.93

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