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Sail repairPlastimo needles

Plastimo needles for sail repair

Starting at: $7.04

Tool holder PetzlCARITOOL S

Tool holder for harnesses


Measurement card for boat partsWaterline Design

Specially designed to measure parts on boats: tubes, pipes, rigging screws, cables, ropes, wires


Line protector Osculati Ø 12/16 mm

UV-resistant polyester - length 450 mm - white


Line protector Osculati Ø 18/22 mm

UV-resistant polyester - length 450 mm - white


Fitting strapsPlastimo

Hook and loop straps used to furl the sails on the boom or on a spinner. Very wide (40 mm), they can be quickly installed and removed. Durable polypropylene strap and UV-resistant polyester yarn.

Starting at: $12.90

CaritoolPetzl tool holder

Petzl Caritool tool holder


Osculati rope protector Ø 8/16 mm

Self-rolling polyurethane - length 400 mm - black


Vertigo Twist LockPetzl Carabiner

Designed for use at the end of PROGRESS lanyard.


Am'D Triact LockPetzl Carabiner

Petzl Am'D Triact Lock Carabiner


Splice demanufacturerWichard

Demanufacturer / splitter To unlock any blocked shackle


Osculati rope protector Ø 16/25 mm

Self-rolling polyurethane - length 400 mm - black


RacingBlue Performance equipement bag

Colour black/red - Ripstop material




Progress Petzl lanyard

Only works for the Corax pack


FootcordPetzl pedal

Petzl Footcord pedal


Bag forPlastimo halyards

PVC or Dralon, mesh, batten and eyelets.

Starting at: $32.72

Regular Price: $40.93


Winch Blue Performanceracing protection

Winch racing protection Blue Performance

Starting at: $33.99

Regular Price: $36.59


Plastimo Stainless steel halyard guide

Plastimo stainless steel halyard guide

Starting at: $34.01

Racing winch crank Blue Performancehandle bushing

Blue Performance Racing winch crank drum to be fixed.


Lalizas bosuns chair

Chaise de mât




RacingBlue Performance Tip Bag

Colour black/red - Ripstop material

Starting at: $47.91

BucketPetzl Bag 25L

Petzl Bucket 25L Bag



Bag with endsBlue Performance

Colour light grey - ripstop material

Starting at: $57.94

Regular Price: $58.53

Winding strapsBlue Performance

Fitting straps - Sold by 3

Starting at: $60.17

Ascension Petzl handle

Petzl Ascension locking handle


Bag for Blue Performance mast halyards

Colour light grey - material PVC/Terylene

Starting at: $66.30

Regular Price: $69.20

CORAXPetzl harness

Comfortable adjustable harness. This model is the ultimate versatile harness. Ideal for long routes, ice climbing, glacier hiking and via ferrata. The two belt buckles allow you to adapt to the thickness of the clothes you wear. - Techno....

Starting at: $66.86

PantinPetzl foot blocker

Petzl Pantin foot blocker


RacingBlue Performance die bag

Colour black/red - Ripstop material

Starting at: $75.22

Regular Price: $76.24

Blue Performance Die bag

Colour light grey - ripstop material




Deluxe die Blue Performance bag

Colour light grey - ripstop material




Sail repairPlastimo kit

Plastimo sail repair kit




Aixs Petzl Rope 30m

Petzl Aixs 30m 11mm Petzl Rope 11mm


Selette Petzl Sequoia / Sequoia SRT

Fifth wheel for SEQUOIA and SEQUOIA SRT harnesses


Helmet PetzlSIROCCO black M/L

Ultra-lightweight - Shock resistance - High Ventilation



Adaptable to CORAX & AVAO Harnesses









Comfortable work positioning and suspension shorts harness

Starting at: $228.72

Plastimo Ball guide

Plastimo Ball Guide



Osculati Arm lift system

Osculati arm lift system

Starting at: $346.01

SEQUOIAPetzl harness

Pruning leg harness for traditional climbing techniques (footlock) Extra-large semi-rigid belt offering unique support and exceptional ventilation. Belt and thigh loops lined with breathable padded foam for maximum comfort in the s...

Starting at: $416.38

Petzl Corax V4 Browser Pack

Complete package for ascent in the rigging

Starting at: $672.07

Regular Price: $683.80

Sequoïa PreparatorPetzl Pack

Complete package for comfort rigging ascent


43 Item(s)

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