Safety Must-Haves

The most essential accessories for boats with excellent value are right here! Bailers, foghorns, knives... We stock only top-quality items manufactured by the best brands, because safety is not something you want to cut corners when you're at sea.
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Marine rope Meyer Sanboeuf Polyamide Rope MS-211

Available in 8/10/12/14/14/16/18 mm - colour White - polyamide - Mooring and anchoring


Meyer Sanboeuf BlackGear Polyester Marine Rope MS-215

Available in 10/12/14/16/18 mm - colour Black - polyester - Mooring and anchoring




4Water Survival Blanket

4Water Survival Blanket - Golden and silver Dimension: 210 x 160 cm


4Water Krypton Waterproof Torch

Rubber shock-absorbing torch, ON/OFF switch button, 2.4V bulb, strap provided.



Best Seller

FloatingPlastimo flexible scoop

Flexible plastic material, unbreakable floating.


Lalizas Thermal Blanket

Thermal Blanket, Advanced, 2.1 x 1.6m


4Water Bucket - 10 litres

10 litre plastic bucket


Black ball Plastimo for anchoring 30 cm

Diameter 30 cm. Indicates that the boat is at anchor.




Plastimo Plastic Bucket

Handle with a loop for the rope. Capacity : 10 L.

Starting at: $7.11

Alkalite IILalizas flash lamp for vest and bra

Alkalite II LED flash lamp for vest and bra - On-OFF water activation - Alkaline battery




France PavilionPlastimo

French National Pavilion in nylon. 30 x 40 cm 40 x 50 cm

Starting at: $10.67

Safelite IV Lalizas flash lamp for lifejacket and life jacket

Safelite LED flash lamp for vest and bra - On-OFF water activation - Lithium battery




4Water Motoring Cone

Indicates use of motor on a sailing boat. Folds flat.


Black wetting ball4Water

Diameter 300 mm. Indicates that the boat is at anchor.


Ripam adhesive navigation rule

Beaconing, port traffic signals, VHF and meteorological signals . A4


Plastimo Storm 100N Life jacket

100 N lifejacket, 40-50 kg

Starting at: $14.94

Regular Price: $16.60


PVCTopomarine Ruler with polyethylene case

Longueur : 385 mm.


Cyalume Snaplight 12h Light Sticks - Red, Yellow and Green

3 sticks: red, yellow and green Duration (h) : 12 h


Lalizas 100N Life jacket

Foam life jacket • 100 N • Adults and kids sizes • Coastal navigation • Compliant with EN ISO 12402-4, EN ISO 12402-7 et EN ISO 12402-9 safety standard

Starting at: $16.60

Lalizas French flag

French Flag 50 x 75cm


Pocket of 3 pavilions 50X60 cm 4Water

Dimensions: 50 x 60 cm Package including the 3 regulatory flags: national, N + C.


4Water Powder Fire Extinguisher 1 Kg

Powder fire extinguisher specially designed for marine and sailing applications



Best Seller

Lalizas SOLAS Lifebuoy Light

This lifebuoy light complies with the L.S.A code capable of burning continuously with a luminous intensity of not less than 2cd in all directions of the upper hemisphere for a period of at least 2h (at white colour).


Plastimo Bilingual French-English logbook

51 jours. 104 pages au total. Couverture rigide pelliculée.


Brass straight compass stainless steel points

Straight brass compass with stainless steel points and black case. Length 210 mm


Lalizas Rope Ladder - 3 Steps

Lalizas Rope Ladder - 3 Steps


Waterproof ABS blackEuromarine projector

Large bridge floodlight ABS black 12 V - 50 W IP 68 tightness


4Water Powder Fire Extinguisher 1 Kg - with Manometer

Powder fire extinguisher specially designed for marine and sailing applications




Compass Plastimo dry point - lyre

Compass in polished brass, stainless steel points. Soft friction joint, adjustable.


WiredEuromarine research projector - 1 million Candelas

12 V - 55 W - 1 000 000 candelas


Kit of 3 Spare Navigation Lights

Spare navigation lights: red, green and white for small boats. Height: 135 mm.


Plastimo Hand Pump with 1m hose

Plastimo Hand Pump with 1m hose - Available in 0,75 or 1 L capacity

Starting at: $25.96

Life Link Adults Safety Harness

Safety harness for adults, ISO 12401




Plastimo Yellow Jacklines

The installation of jacklines is essential to allow shifting location on the deck, while remaining clipped to a strongpoint at all times.

Starting at: $34.38

Plastimo Horseshoe Buoy with Removable Cover - Orange

Bouée Plastimo fer à cheval déhoussable - Orange


Lalizas 150N Life jacket

The 150Newton foam life jackets reduce the risk of drowning for both swimmers and non-swimmers in sheltered waters in most conditions.

Starting at: $35.56

Regular Price: $50.98


Lalizas Quick RD Orange Horseshoe Lifebuoy

Horseshoe Lifebuoy ''Quick RD'',142N, orange


Diaphragm Bilge Hand Pump

Ideal for use where battery power is not available or as a backup to electric pumps, the Lalizas diaphragm bilge hand pump is easy to use and has a capacity of 6,5 gallons at 60 strokes.




Tidal heightTopomarine calculator

Calculator according to the rule of twelfths.


Plastimo Offshore 55 Compass

Bracket-mount compass with conical card, optional lighting.

Starting at: $40.55

Regular Price: $59.28


Powder extinguisher 4Water 2Kg - With Pressure gauge

Pressurized powder fire extinguishers, specially designed for the recreational marine industry.


Lalizas Firefighter Axe

Lalizas firefighter axe with long wooden handle


Plastimo Typhoon 150N Life jacket

With crotch • 150N • From 30 to 90 Kg

Starting at: $43.87

Folded sedimentologicalShom marine charts

Maps of the sedimentological Shom.

Starting at: $47.42

First aid kit for river navigation4Water

First aid kit for inland navigation. Dimensions: 280 x 200 x 90 mm.




Lalizas Safe Up Safety Ladder

Safety Ladder ''Safe Up'', M.O.B, 5 steps




Circuit breaker for outboard motorPlastimo

Built-in model. Turn off the ignition as soon as the cord is pulled. In the case of a man overboard, the engine can be restarted by simply pressing the switch.




OffshorePlastimo First Aid Kit

Medical equipment recommended by French regulations for pleasure boating, semi-offshore navigation at sea, internal waters 6 to 60 MN from a shelter


4Water Orion Buoyant Hand-Bearing Compass

4Water Orion Buoyant Hand-Bearing Compass


Emergency ladder4Water

Nylon strap, plastic tubes to stiffen the ladder. Consists of 4 plastic steps.


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63 Item(s)

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