dinghy Pneumatic Boat Cape Horn Diamond 200 - Blue

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dinghy boat Diamond slatted floor - length 2.00 meters - width 1.35 meters - for 2 passengers - maximum load 300 kg


1 year warranty


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Dinghy Tender Cape Horn Diamond 200 - Blue

Pneumatic dinghy construction

The Cape Horn 200 tenders are equipped with 2 independent inner tubes instead of 3 as on the 250 models. Its floats inflate separately for maximum safety on the water. Unlike other brands' models, the Cape Horn Tender's bulges have a round shape at the stern which will not only save you space when storing but also allow you to lift and put the tender in an upright position for a quick rinse after use.

The Cape Horn Diamond Boat Tender has a thick slatted floor that offers high strength. It is made of 0.9 mm thick PVC canvas, which makes it abrasion and UV resistant, and has 3 layers, 2 of which are PVC and the middle layer of reinforced fabric. This 3-layer PVC covers not only the top, but also the bottom and therefore the entire surface of contact with water, making it resistant and more durable over time. In addition to being resistant, this fabric is available in 3 original colours!

valve bateau pneumatique Cape HornValve dinghy boat Cape Horn
Annexe bateau pneumatique Cape Horn made of three-layer PVCBoat tender Cape Horn made of three layers of PVC
Plancher latté dinghy boat Cape HornPneumatic dinghy slatted floor Cape Horn

Dinghy inflatable boat handles

Where most tenders have ropes, Cape Horn has decided to equip its dinghy boat with several handles to make it easier to transport and launch. The Diamond has 6 handles: 2 are made of PVC and located on the bow for easy transport. The two handles, located on the sides of the dinghy and also made of PVC will serve as a support when you sit inside and finally the last 2 handles are made of reinforced plastic and are located at the back of the dinghy.

Poignée de transport avant et latéral dinghy Inflatable Boat Cape HornDinghy Cape Horn carrying handle
Poignée arrière dinghy boat Cape HornDinghy Cape Horn rear handle

Transom dinghy boat Cape Horn

The Cape Horn inflatable dinghy has an engine mounting plate on the transom-mount. This plate is made of polyester with a stainless steel screw mount. On the outside of this plate are two stainless steel rings, with which you can hang the dinghy on the davit in your sailboat or tow it for example. Also, this transom-mount includes a drain plug with a non-return valve that is attached with a rope to the transom-mount, thus preventing it from falling and getting lost in the water

Tableau arrière dinghy boat Cape HornTransom dinghy boat Cape Horn
Anneaux plaque tableau arrière dinghy boat Cape HornDinghy transom plate rings dinghy boat Cape Horn
Bouchon videur dinghy boat Cape HornInflatable dinghy vindage plug Cape Horn

The little extras

This inflatable dinghy includes a fixed wooden marinated bench with a quick release system. In addition, its plastic rowing boat with aluminium handle can be dismantled in two parts for easy transport and storage.

The Diamond has three rings located on its front part: two lateral ones that will allow, among other things, to hook the dinghy to the davit on the sailboat or to tow it and a central transport ring with a 10-metre end (tow rope) included.

The annex also has a protective strip (also known as a raking strip) made of reinforced plastic around its entire contour. This protective strip prevents the annex from being damaged

Finally, the Diamond has a Paddle fastening system on each side, which can also be used as a Cleat when the oar is not held in place

Aviron bateau dinghy inflatableInflatable dinghy oars Cape Horn
Anneau avant avec corde de remorquage
Front ring with tow rope
Support aviron dinghy boat 200Rowing support dinghy boat 200

Included with your dinghy:

  • A foot inflator
  • Carry bag
  • Pair of oars
  • Wooden bench
  • End of 10m
  • Repair kit with patch in the colour of the tender and valve key

Discover the whole range of Diamond 200 boat tenders in 3 colours: blue, grey and red.


Dimensions : Length 200 cm
Width 135 cm
Height 42 cm
Internal length 1.3 m
Inside width 60cm
Diameter of the sausage 33 cm
Dimensions folded : 93 * 50 * 25 cm
Passengers : max 2
Max. load : 300 kg
Engine max : 3CV / 2.2 Kw
Warranty : 1 year
Model 200 : Two bladders
Slatted floor
0.9 mm thick PVC fabric
PVC in 3 layers
Several carrying handles
Rowing support
transom-mount made of polyester with motor support
Drain plug
Rage strip

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