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Windy anemometer replacement kit

Windy anemometer replacement kit


EthernetFuruno connection cable for weather receiver

Furuno Ethernet connection cable for weather receiver


Skywatch MeteorologicalJDC Anemometer 1

Instantaneous / average speeds - Temperature - Windchill


WindyPlastimo Hand Anemometer

Wind speed - Maximum speed - Average speed - Ambient and upwind air temperature.



Windmate 200Plastimo Hand Anemometer

Innovative, the Windmate 200 also indicates wind direction with its integrated wind vane and compass sensors.


Navtex for PCNASA

This device is equipped with an area selection system that allows you to choose an area to avoid receiving safety bulletins from that area and thus avoid being polluted by messages


Navtex NASA BT-3 Bluetooth + Series 2 antenna

Navtex BT-3 Bluetooth 35 x 100 x 100 x 30mm - Series 2 antenna


Navtex NASA BT-3 Bluetooth + H-Vector antenna

Navtex BT-3 Bluetooth 35 x 100 x 100 x 30mm - Omnidirectional antenna H-Vector


Easy NavtexNASA

Equipped with a screen displaying bold characters and thanks to the formatting of the messages, the reading is fast and intuitive. The menu of this device is very easy to use


Wind vane anemometer FurunoCV3F

Wind vane anemometer Furuno CV3F

Starting at: $713.76

Wind vane anemometer FurunoCV7

Wind vane anemometer Furuno CV7

Starting at: $755.40

Active FAX5Furuno antenna

Furuno active FAX5 antenna for FAX 30/408/410 with cable


Navtex FurunoNX700PROB



Navtex FurunoNX700DPROA



14 Item(s)

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