Epsealon Dark Fusion Camo full wetsuit 1.5 mm

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Neoprene in Yamamoto 039 • "Exclusive NOOTICA" camo high resistance Lycra • Polyester spandex camo outer/Polyester spandex inner • Flexibility 5/5 • Limited edition!

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Epsealon wetsuit DARK FUSION

Exclusively and in partnership with Epsealon, NOOTICA offers you the DARK FUSION wetsuit for a really different
style and camouflage By the spearfishing team

Chaussons 300

New camouflage

A mix of charcoal grey tones, black and gold lightning gives this camouflage a style and character of its own.

Once immersed, bluish and ochre colours appear for a perfect discretion during the spearfishing.

Chaussons 300

100 % Carbone

Yamamoto Neoprene

Yamamoto neoprene is derived from the limestone rock (Limestone) of Niigata, Japan, and unlike most petroleum-based neoprene, Yamamoto biological neoprene is environmentally friendly and consists of 99.7% Yamamoto patented calcium carbonate

Yamamoto bio neoprene is characterized by a uniform closed cell structure that gives it superior qualities to other neoprenes. Thus, it is more water-resistant, lighter, warmer, more stretchy and more resistant to water pressure. Its characteristics are indispensable for the manufacture of a top-of-the-range wetsuit

Yamamoto neoprene is known to cause fewer allergies than other conventional neoprenes. Indeed, most of the combinations on the market are made from petroleum-derived neoprene. The process of this petrochemical neoprene can go through a vulcanization accelerator called ethylene thiourea (ETU), itself classified as reprotoxic (causing reproductive disorders).

As Yamamoto neoprene is not derived from oil but from limestone, it becomes more respectful of man and his skin. As a result, fewer allergies are reported among users of this neoprene.

Gluing and sewing

The Fusion 2019 model has been modified in order to obtain an even better product, the focus has been put on the finishes


Polyglut reinforcement stitches at each seam intersection

- Colour "GOLD" logos

100 % Carbone
100 % Carbone

Multiple reinforcement points

We find some reinforcement points existing on the old version

- Supratex knee reinforcement

- Supratex Buttock Reinforcements

- Sleeves on ankles and wrists to prevent water ingress

As well as the new two-part load reinforcement

100 % Carbone

The DARK FUSION project

The "DARK FUSION" project


Dark fusion was born out of the collaboration between NOOTICA and EPSEALON

A common desire to create a brand new camouflage that has never been seen before in the manufacture of mass-produced wetsuits

Many tests were carried out in order to find the colour that would be really innovative out of the water and at the same time a really interesting mimicry once immersed

This product is a NOOTICA exclusivity and also a limited series !

100 % Carbone

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