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SlippersSavage Gear Shoes

Size: 41 to 46 - 100% Lightweight and durable - Adherent sole

Starting at: $35.05

WeekendGoodYear Boots

Multi-purpose high boot ideal for all your leisure activities: Fishing, walking....... High strength rod Abrasion and abrasion resistant...

Starting at: $38.63

GoodYear Land Pvc boots

Technical leisure and walking boot for all types of terrain

Starting at: $39.74

Woman / Children PVCDaiwa Boots

Flexible and comfortable, these boots are available from size 33/34 to allow our budding fishermen to follow Daddy to the water's edge! The seams are reinforced and glued for perfect waterproofness - Boots with toothed soles -

Starting at: $40.91

Wader PVC Green Zebco

Wader PVC Green Zebco • PVC Wader • Wader for wading and float tube • Size : 38 to 47 • Light and resistant wader

Starting at: $46.77


Waders Daiwa Pvc Children

Flexible and comfortable, these waders and boots have reinforced and glued seams for perfect waterproofness.

Starting at: $53.80

GoodYear La Crossover Boots

Technical all-terrain boot developed for foot comfort and safety in any type of outdoor environment Stem....

Starting at: $53.87

Comfort-Zone Boots Eiger

The Comfort-Zone boots are dark green. Beautiful warm and comfortable boots

Starting at: $58.50

GoodYear La marlin PVC Boots

Navy blue PVC boots, white sole, ideal for water sports and outdoor use

Starting at: $60.84


Excellent quality, super lightweight. They are are delivered with a bag. Pants: 100% nylon, PVC coated Bag: 100% n...

Starting at: $61.04

Fishing shoe Kali Kunnan Competition Boots

Sizes 40 to 46

Starting at: $64.36


Green plain Kidsplay overalls with Croco boots

The greatest Crocodile hunters will tell you, if the crocodile starts sneaking into streams, high grass...

Starting at: $64.48

Regular Price: $70.28


Light blue Kidsplay overalls with duck boots

Children can't resist the idea of wading through puddles or getting as close as possible to ducklings in...

Starting at: $64.48

Regular Price: $70.28


Red Kidsplay Overalls with Sea Boots

A jump of water to be filled urgently, a garden hose to be unrolled or a little cat to come down from a tree.... your....

Starting at: $64.48

Regular Price: $70.28


Navy blue plain Kidsplay overalls with marine boots

Ahoy, guys. Set a course for the horizon! But before you do, don't forget to be well equipped, the trip could be long and tumultuous...

Starting at: $64.48

Dam Hydroforce Nylon Taslan Chestwader

Hydroforce Nylon-Taslan chest waders are a completely new generation of waders from D.A.M.!

Starting at: $70.22

PVC Waders SertTaslon X-Trend Instinct OG S.Cranked

Wader made of durable PVC with a new design that will keep you comfortably dry.

Starting at: $73.74

Neo-Zone Boots Eiger

Neo-Zone Eiger boots are "handmade" from natural rubber. Colour: dark green.

Starting at: $73.74

WalkerGoodYear Boots

Technical walking boot ideal for hunting and fishing on all types of terrain.... Technical Specifications Stem and sowing...

Starting at: $74.97

GoodYear SP fishing thigh waders

Plavitex: flexible, thin and resistant PVC

Starting at: $78.43

Wader Hart Strong

Wader Hart Strong • PVC Wader • Wader for wading and float tube • Size : 39 to 46 • Sturdy and silent wader • Heat sealed seams inside • Non-slip soles

Starting at: $79.72

Daiwa Breathable Boot Waders in Taslon

Daiwa Breathable Waders • Wader in Taslon • Wader for wading and float tube • Size : 36 to 47 • Ultra light and easy to use • Delivered with a carrying bag

Starting at: $79.72

Wader Neoprene HART Socks Aircross

Neoprene Wader - Size: 38 to 47 - Socks neoprene

Starting at: $85.46

Filled FishfurGoodYear boots

Technical boot with a very tightly adhered seamless sole High-strength PVC Filled interior Very adhesive notched sole...

Starting at: $85.52

GoodYear La Sport Boots

Sport leggings developed for user comfort and agility Materials: Plavitex: soft, thin and resistant PVC Ren....

Starting at: $86.22

Wader Neoprene HART Aircross boot

Neoprene Wader - Size: 38 to 47 - classic boot

Starting at: $87.81

Neoprene SertNeo X-Trend Waders

This booted wader is made of 4 mm neoprene.

Starting at: $90.74

Regular Price: $116.06


Limited quantity!

Boot HART trakai-Bn

Boots with neoprene lining - Size 39 to 46

Starting at: $92.61


Break-PointRon Thompson Fishing Wader

Size: 40 to 47 - Neoprene 4 mm - Rubber sole

Starting at: $93.67

Best Seller

Wader lining HART Polar Altai-M

Warm mid-layer fleece. Additional insulation under trousers or overalls

Starting at: $99.53

La premium plus premiumGoodYear boots +

High quality leg boots, height 80 cm in reinforced PVC, ideal for fishing and hunting in all seasons Holding strap at the...

Starting at: $101.46

Waders Dam Neoprene Flex Rubber

Luxurious 90% rubber waders with neoprene lining for better thermal insulation, and 100% waterproof. The straps are...

Starting at: $111.25

Boot HART Nidden

Neoprene construction boots - Size 39 to 46

Starting at: $116.06


Wader GoodYear La Combi Sport

Waders ideal technique for sport fishing Plavitex: soft, thin and resistant PVC Knee reinforcement Elastic strap...

Starting at: $117.11

Wader Grauvell Phoenix Felt Boot Wader

4 mm neoprene wader with rubber boots

Starting at: $127.78

Regular Price: $151.23


Wading Boot HART 25S

Textured sole shoes - Size: 38 to 47 - nails included

Starting at: $127.78

Breathable Daiwa 3 Diaper Wader Neoprene Slipper

3 Storage layers

Starting at: $139.50

Wader néoprène Daiwa 5 mm Semelle Mixte

Wader mixte • PVC •Taille : 38 à 47 • Botte classique semelles mixtes feutre et talon caoutchouc à crampons

Starting at: $139.50


Boot HART trakai-Nz

Boots with side closure - Size 39 to 46

Starting at: $151.23


DryzoneDam neoprene waders

4 mm neoprene - Soft PVC boots with 3 mm neoprene lining - Size: 40 to 47

Starting at: $151.23

Regular Price: $174.67


Wading Savage GearDenim Waist Pants

Breathable wading pants that look like jeans!

Starting at: $173.50

GoodYear Trousser Wading pants

Plavitex pants: soft, thin and resistant PVC

Starting at: $174.67

Waders Neo Precision Pro Waders Spiked Insoles Garbolino

Waders Neo Precision Pro Waders Spiked Insoles

Starting at: $186.40

Waders neo precision GarbolinoHD Waders Spiked Spiked Insoles

4mm Neoprene Boot Waders Heavy-duty outer fabric Glued/sewn seams and protected inside/outside...

Starting at: $186.40

Breathable Wader HART Skin Boot

Breathable Mixed Wader - Size: 38 to 47 - Classic Boot

Starting at: $205.04

Breathable ScierraX-Stretch Stocking Foot Pants

Stocking Scierra high performance 3-layer breathable pants,

Starting at: $280.18

ComfortzoneDam neoprene waders

Very soft 5mm neoprene - Lightweight rubber boots lined with 3mm neoprene - Size: 40 to 47

Starting at: $280.18

Regular Price: $303.63


Wader Guideline Laxa 2.0

Size : M to XL - Number of layers : 4 - Storage

Starting at: $338.79

Wader Guideline Experience Sonic zip

Size : M to XL - Number of layers : 4 - Storage

Starting at: $479.47

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