Artificial baits

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CarpSpiritCorn Bait Fluo Floating X 10

Very realistic synthetic fluorescent baits to imitate a real boilie or corn kernel.

Starting at: $1.23

Fluo Ball Floating CarpSpirit14 mm X 6

CarpSpirit Floating Fluo Ball 14 mm X 6

Starting at: $1.35

Fluo Ball CarpSpiritFloating 10 mm X 10

Fluo Ball CarpSpirit Floating 10 mm X 10

Starting at: $1.35

Floating Bored Pellets CarpSpiritFluo Assortment

A very realistic imitation of a pellet.

Starting at: $1.51

Artificial Bait Mad Soft Maggots Slow Sinking

Extremely realistic and remarkably flexible maggot imitations.

Starting at: $3.40

5 Item(s)

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