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Floating Pellets Prowess14 mm X 6

Floating pellets per 6 2 sizes: 6 and 14 mm


Scented Floating Pellets Prowess

Floating and fish flavoured pellets 10 mm by 10 15 mm by 8 20 mm by 9

Starting at: $3.72

Floating Corn ProwessPhospho X 10

Floating corn phospho per 10


Pre-drilled marine pellets Dynamite Halibut

Drilled pellets designed to ensure a very fast attraction in order to quickly attract fish.

Starting at: $4.79

Graine préparés Carp Zoom turbo speed plus

Sachet de 1kg de graine , différentes saveurs .

Starting at: $5.52


Ready Seeds CarpSpirit212ML

Ready to use cooked seeds.

Starting at: $5.75

Marine pellets Dynamite Durable hook halibut

Durable pellets - incredibly easy to hang and throw

Starting at: $5.94

7 Item(s)

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