Bite alarms

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Protective shell Mad for Mad Hi-t detector

Protective shells with compartments for storing snag ears. Protects from humidity and shocks during transport.


Detector CarpSpirit Classic Blue

Delivered with 1 V23GA 12V battery Led with 20 s delay Weatherproof Tone control Volume control Taken...


Cormoran Pro Carp S-3003 Key Detector

"De Luxe" key indicator with all necessary functions. Fully sealed electronic components. 100% state of the art...

Starting at: $23.43

Detector Mad CSI+ blue

Color Blue


ProwessGI Quark detector

blue LED - Adjustable volume, tone and sensitivity - Interchangeable LED covers - Illuminated accessory socket - Witness for the...


Radar C3JRC key detector

C3 Radar - Designed, designed, tested and manufactured in Europe - Guaranteed 2 years - Highly visible blue LEDs - Bright LEDs all over the world....


Sensors 2Black CAT

Central or Sensors




Detector and PrologicK3 control unit

Detector and additional control unit for prologic K2

Starting at: $67.99

Prologic sensor and receiver SMX alarms WTS

The new SMX detectors from Prologic have all the important features that carpenter's need and even more...

Starting at: $81.94

Detector Prologic Fulcrum RMX-PRO Bite alarm

Single detector .


Radical Sensonic Sensonic Detector Blue

blue 1pcs 12,0cm 2,8cm


Detector CarpSpirit HD5

HD5/HDR5 ? Exclusive Carp Spirit dual sound. ? Differentiated return button on the detector. ? Ultra bright and long lasting LED.


12 Item(s)

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