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Bivvy PrologicXLNT 1 Man

Dimensions: Height: 122cm - Length: 250cm - Width: 200cm - Door height: 117cm

Starting at: $163.03

Biwy ProwessScalp 1 Man

This one place model has a spacious interior space to store all the equipment needed for long sessions...


Bivvy CarpSpirit Super Compact Shelt

Width: 80 - Height: 90 - Length: 210 - 1 place


Biwy PrologicFrame-X1 Bivvy Low Profile 1 Place (H115cm W235cm D145cm)

This biwy is an improvement of our original FRAME-X, updated. This version features the new "Safe Tex" canvas and the new "Safe Tex"...


Biwy PrologicCommander Oval Brolly 60

Like the Brolly System, these brollys have an ultra flat and compact structure to provide the ultimate protection against the elements....


Bivvy Mad Fishing dome Mad texx 1 place

Based on the MAD® nylon biwys, we offer these Madtexx 1 and 2 person shelters, built with the same material as the MAD® biwys.


Bivvy CarpSpirit Speed-R

Width: 290 - Height: 150 - Length: 230 - 1 seats


Bivvy CarpSpirit Baby Dolmen

Width: 260 - Height: 180 - Length: 300 - 1 place




8 Item(s)

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