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Umbrella of PecheZebco

Low-cost fishing umbrella made of 210 D nylon canvas.


FixedLineaeffe umbrella ø 220 cm

Fixed umbrella with a diameter of 220 cm


Umbrella Zebco Nylon Umbrella

An umbrella specifically designed for fishing.


Dam Giant Angling Umbrella

Giant 2,60 m of width




Umbrella Nylon-Storm UmbrellaZebco

An umbrella specifically designed to protect you from storms.


Dam Standard Angling Umbrella

A nylon standard umbrella


Umbrella tentZebco

Standard umbrella with integrated wind shelter and window on each side. Height adjustable foot. Supplied with sardines.

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Umbrella tent Fisher 6251Grauvell

The tent umbrella is as effective against rain as the sun.


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Umbrella Brolly IIZebco

Practical, a 2.50 m diameter umbrella on a stand, with the colour "angling green".


Umbrella Tent 2Zebco .50 m

Standard umbrella with integrated wind shelter and window on each side.


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Parapluie inclinable Geant DAM 3m00

Magnifique parapluie qui vous protègera des intempéries. Avec pied inclinable. -Protège du soleil et de la pluie - Coupe vent ...


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Dam Umbrella tent

Outer diameter 2,20 m



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Radical Quantum Mega Brolly Radical Umbrella

When you are in a hurry or space is limited, the conventional Brolly is often the best choice.


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Dam Ripstop Umbrella

A giant width of 2,60 m



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Abri Prologic ENS Bivvy One Man

Le marché de la carpe a vu plusieurs solutions techniques apparaître pour ce type d’abri, destiné aux sessions courtes d’une nu...


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Oval ContactJRC Shelter

More than just a piece! At first glance, the JRC Contact Oval model looks like a perfect oval, but in fact, it is not...


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ProwessWinker Brolly Umbrella

The WINKER BROLLY is a top-of-the-range modular tent umbrella that is both sophisticated and very easy to set up. He can...


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Contact Zip BrollyJRC tent umbrella

A versatile and easy to use tent umbrella with a zipped door, ideal for short or medium duration sessions...


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Black HoleBlack CAT Umbrella Shelter

An umbrella specifically designed for catfish fishing, completely resealable with mosquito protection.


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Abri Prologic Firestarter Insta-Zebo

Protection ultime pour une longue session ou en été lorsque les moustiques posent problème. Cet abri massif possède la caracté...


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Umbrella Brolly PrologicCommander Vx2 Oval

Compact and light to carry, this oval umbrella will surprise you by the large space it offers.


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Special Boat Cave IIBlack CAT Shelter

Length 335 cm - Width 220 cm - Height 105 cm



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22 Item(s)

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