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Dam Fish Scale - 22 kg

Very attractive design. Weighs up to 22 kg (50 lbs) With 1 m measuring tape.



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Weight 22kgLineaeffe

Mechanical scale 22 kg + meter


Dial scale Amiaud35 kg

Dial scale with a capacity of 35 kg; graduation every 20 gr.




Digital Scale 40kgLineaeffe

40 kg scale with LCD screen


Quantum Radical Spring Load Cell

What could be more natural than to want to know the weight of your record catch!

Starting at: $17.55

Digital Powerline Jig power scale 40 kg

This scale has an easy-to-read LCD display.

Special Price: $25.62

Regular Price: $34.16


To 10/31/2020

Peson CarpSpirit Classic 25 kg

? Muni de 2 crochets et d’une housse pour le transport. ? Il est étalonné très précisément tous les 100 g.


Digital Peson 50kgLineaeffe

50 kg scale with LCD screen


Measuring Mat Measuring Mat Quantum

130 cm x 15 cm


Mini Digital Scale Rapala25 Kg

This mini digital scale allows you to weigh a weight with an accuracy of up to 25 kg. Automatic switch-off after 4 minutes to save weight....


Cocoon 2GJRC weighing bag - recovring sling

This floating reception mat is designed to hold fish for a few minutes


Measuring Mat Measuring Mat Boat Quantum

130 cm x 30 cm




Tri-pod de pesée MAD

Enfin un tripod stable pour faire des pesées sans problème et qui satisfera bon nombre de pêcheurs. Les pieds en 2 parties sont...


Cocoon 2GJRC weighing bag - Folding mesh weigh sling

Classic design weighing bag with foldable bars for easy storage and transport.




CarpSpiritDigital Scale 50 Kg CS1253

Maximum capacity: 50 kg


Weighing CarpSpiritTripod CS1246

Telescopic feet for storage.


Sac de pesée Flottant Daiwa Infinity

Il possède des flotteurs intégrés sur toute la longueur du sac


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Electro Samson Scale - 25 kg

Fish scale 25 kg


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Cocoon 2GJRC receiving carpet - Hi care cradle

Fully padded design for optimal fish protection



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