Monkey climbers/Swingers

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Key alarm Carp'o on Chain

Carp'o on Chain touch tone Available in 4 different colors: Blue, yellow, red, green

Starting at: $1.59

Regular Price: $10.61


Keystroke alarm Stonfo simple

Lightweight surfcasting and carpfishing bite indicators. Equipped with adjustable line hooks and a slot for a star...


Dam Luminating Swing Indicator

Fits on almost every rod pod, underneath almost every bite indicator. Its’ LED is powered by the power out.

Starting at: $11.30


Indicators ProwessHanger Kevlar Link

Based on the same mechanism as the pendulum, the hanger has a kevlar connecting cord for optimal sensitivity ...

Starting at: $12.45

Keylogger Stonfo weighted

Bite alarm with additional weights for surfcasting and carpfishing. Equipped with adjustable line hooks and a place for ...


Light Balance Mad NXT MKII

Following in the footsteps of its hugely successful predecessor, the MAX NXT MKII ILLUMINATED SWING INDICATOR features an optical design...

Starting at: $15.05

Lighted Hanger Mad - yellow

Superb lighted hangers with double ball clips. The advantage of this type of clip is that it is safe for the line. Read more...


Set of 4 Swingers Carp'o- M7C

Red, green, blue & yellow swinger box set




Set of 3 Pendulums Prowess

3 colors balance box with a quick wire clip system and adjustable flyweight. Exclusive PROWESS design.


Boxed set 4 Carp Specimen Balancers CR4 Luminous

RJVB balance set.


10 Item(s)

Set Descending Direction

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