Vous cherchez un Tapis de réception Carpe léger, pratique et abordable, utilisable pour tout type de poisson ? Découvrez tous les tapis de réception Carpe que nos experts pêche ont sélectionné pour vous !

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Landing mat Dam Fighter Pro 100x60

Lightweight, practical and affordable landing mat, suitable for all types of fish. It can be folded flat and is easy to transport.


Sac de pesée flottant Virux

Dimensions : 130x45x40



Stall matsBlack CAT

Large, durable mat with a Black Cat look to protect catfish pulled on the ground on stony soils.


Comfort Mats CarpSpirit Classic

Large double function belt: reception and weighing. ? Equipped with balls for maximum protection of the fish. ? Mats for the fishes...


PrologicCradle Unhooking Mat

Classic design and ultimate protection. Easy to store and compact thanks to the removable main mattress. - Generous padding -•...

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PrologicCruzade Unhooking Mat Reception Mat

Carp reception mat.


Flat Mat Reception PrologicMat (Memory Foam (120cmx80cm))

If you consider fish care to be the number one priority, then this reception mat will be perfect for your fish....


Tapis de recéption Virux sur pieds

Dimensions : 125x65x35/55 cm



Folding unhooking mat Daiwa Infinity

Infinity folding unhooking mat: 130 x 50 cm


CarpSpiritNo Stress Mattress

Here is a carpet that will undoubtedly be a best seller in our range.


PrologicHammok Unhooking Mat Reception Mat

After the development of the X Frame aluminium frame for our biwys, we thought of other applications where we could use the X Frame for ...

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11 Item(s)

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