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Mini LED key ring lamp

Mini LED lamp practical and always at hand.




Funnel Soluble CarpSpiritBags

Very practical accessory for refilling soluble bags or tubes.


Bait hookCarpSpirit Pop Up Pegs

? Simple and quick to use, simply screw them into your float instead of bothering with dental floss. ? ...

Starting at: $4.63

Carp Needles Kit Lineaeffe Baiting Needles Set x 4 pcs

Drill, needle to loosen.......


Mounting tool CarpSpirit Multi Pull Tool

The ultimate 3-in-1 mounting tool. ? Features a loop to tighten hook knots and a hook to secure hooks.


Bait hooks Mad threaded bait rings

It has never been easier to install a bait on a chod! Just screw your bait onto the MAD® Threaded Bait Rin...

Starting at: $6.67

Solar lampZebco

This SOLED lamp is recharged with solar energy. Equipped with three LED bulbs, it will transform night into day.


Stainless Steel Scissors 11 cm Braided Fishing Line and Broken Rings

Stainless Steel Scissors 11 cm Braided Fishing Line and Broken Rings


Hook File Rapala

- A strong and resistant aluminium oxide file that sharpens the points perfectly in a few strokes. - The sharp...


Ciseaux Pafex à Tresse

Ciseaux spécialement conçus pour couper la tresse



Baiting NeedlesLineaeffe Carpe Baiting Needles Luxury Set x 6 pcs

Drill, needle to be loosened, scissors.......


Stainless steel scissors 12 cm with soft eyelets

Multi-purpose scissors with soft eyelets.


Rope CarpSpirit15 M

Multi-purpose rope made of impregnable polypropylene.


Best Seller

Bait hook Mad Flexi Threaded Swivel Bait Rings

MAD® Threaded Bait Rings increase the natural movement of your bait. Simply screw your bait onto the Flexi...

Starting at: $11.19

Ciseau Starbaits DLX Braid Scisor

Ciseau de pêche coupe tresse et nylon .



D-Spool Line Stripper Reel Emptying Tool CarpSpirit

Allows you to empty the reels of reels in just a few seconds. ? Designed to be installed on a drill without the need for a ...


Multi-Purpose Tool Rapala

- Wire cutter - Hook sharpener - Retractable knife - Thread grommet and disgorger / Punch


Cutting Pliers CarpSpirit

A pair of pliers that will cut braids and nylons cleanly and without burrs.


PrologicPro Braid Scissors Pro Braid Scissors

Very precise braided scissors




Led flashlight Autain Anodized blue

18 cm lamp practical and always at hand.


Pliers Braiding Scissors Prowess

Extremely sharp scissors pliers for all braid diameters


Pliers / Scissors ComboRapala

- Pliers 16 cm - Scissors special braided


Pliers / File ComboRapala

- Pliers 16 cm - Hook file - Eyelet opening - Clipper Pliers


PrologicSubstrate Finder Thermometer

Have you ever wondered where are the carps in your lake, and why?


24 Item(s)

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