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Fishing harnessGrauvell

Harness for trolling with adjustable belt. Articulated bucket .


Security Strap Explorer Tackle Secure Leash 120 cm

Length 120 cm , width 2.5 cm


Fishing harness with articulated bucket Ron Thompson

Ron Thompson fishing harness with articulated bucket mounted on a ball joint . Has a wide support belt and a foam cover for more comfort.


WhiteLineaeffe harness

Harness for strong boat fishing: Trains, jigs, support, deep-sea fishing....... Diameter: 40 mm


Weight vest Eddystone small

Protection 16,5 cm x 14 cm


Weight vest Aftco Arena

Weight vest aluminium .


Weight vest Flashmer Prestige anodized aluminium

A Weight vest of great quality with a very covering shape.


Combat Harness Aftco Maxforce II

Harness size: 58x61 cm


Combat belt Aftco Maxforce harness

Stand-up fighting harness.


Combat belt Aftco Harness maxforce HX Magnum

Stand-up fighting harness.


Weight vest Aftco Clarion

Weight vest floating


11 Item(s)

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