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Handle of Épuisette AmiaudSeul Alu Brut

Handle for landing net only in raw aluminium with 30 mm diameter tube

Starting at: $16.25

Folding Markor fishing net

Very resistant rubber net net.

Starting at: $17.22


FloatingMarkor boat landing net

55 x 44 cm head, handle length 1 m


Folding Alu net Flashmer Folder

Dimensions: 140 x 60/50 cm


Folding X-Trend Sertlanding net

This folding fine mesh net is a versatile net that can be used anywhere, depending on its size.

Starting at: $38.88

Landing net handle Amiaud Alu Sheathed

Handle of landing net only in aluminium sheathed with tube of diameter 30 mm

Starting at: $43.10

Folding Alu net Flashmer Tele Folder

Max. dimensions: 180 x 60/50 cm


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