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Throwing finger Mad

A comfortable and secure glove for harder casts. Not only ideal for carp fishing, it is also suitable for fishing in ...


Mounting tool CarpSpirit Multi Pull Tool

The ultimate 3-in-1 mounting tool. ? Features a loop to tighten hook knots and a hook to secure hooks.


Service ButtonDaiwa

Service button for scissors or small pliers

Starting at: $6.77

Service Button Rapala

Lightweight and compact button with retractable, durable cord so you always have your favourite accessory close at hand.


Hook File Rapala

- A strong and resistant aluminium oxide file that sharpens the points perfectly in a few strokes. - The sharp...


Power Glue Glue 10 grPowerline

Bottle of 10 gr


D-Spool Line Stripper Reel Emptying Tool CarpSpirit

Allows you to empty the reels of reels in just a few seconds. ? Designed to be installed on a drill without the need for a ...


Multi-Purpose Tool Rapala

- Wire cutter - Hook sharpener - Retractable knife - Thread grommet and disgorger / Punch


Fix-A-LureSpike-it lure flexible glue

Fix-A-Glue glue remains flexible and does not interfere with the swimming of your lures


Power Glue Glue 20 grPowerline

Bottle of 20 gr


Metric CounterLineaeffe

Metric counter to measure depths, fishing distances etc..... Attaches to all types of rods Unit of measurement....


RTM Fishing Rod Leash

Leash for fishing rod.


Jig powerPowerline Service Button

Lightweight and compact button with durable and retractable cord.




Stainless Steel Slit DisgorgerAmiaud

Stainless steel round slot disgorger with a diameter of 10 mm and a length of 30 cm.


Pliers / Scissors ComboRapala

- Pliers 16 cm - Scissors special braided


Pliers / File ComboRapala

- Pliers 16 cm - Hook file - Eyelet opening - Clipper Pliers


Disgorger Rapala Stainless steel RCD 25 cm

Stainless steel construction...


Disgorger Cuda46 cm

Aluminum construction...


18 Item(s)

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