Fins for Float Tubes

The float tube fins are an essential accessory for float tubes. It is the essential means of propulsion for float tubes.

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Pair of Float Tube Fins Amtrac Fishing

Pair of Fins Amtrac Fishing Float Tube


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Seven Bass Fins for Float Tube

Seven Bass Fins for Float Tube




Pike'N float tube fins Floating bass

Fins for floating float tubes. One size fits all.




Seven Bass Pump-Fins Pack

This pack includes a double acting piston pump (quick inflation) with several connectors and a pair of float tube fins


Fins float tube HART

Fins for float tube.


Rapala Deluxe Float Tube Fins

Fins for float tube. one size.


Pike 'N Bass Float Tube FloatFinishes

Fins for float tube floating. One size fits all.


Fins float tube Seven Bass Revenge

Fins specials float tube.



Fins Float Tube Seven Bass Bass Master

Special float tube fins, high speed.


9 Item(s)

Set Descending Direction

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