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Dam Fish Scale - 22 kg

Very attractive design. Weighs up to 22 kg (50 lbs) With 1 m measuring tape.



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Weight 22kgLineaeffe

Mechanical scale 22 kg + meter


Landing net Pafex EPR40

landing net 27 x 35 cm eco blade snowshoe for wading anglers


Digital Scale 40kgLineaeffe

40 kg scale with LCD screen


Floating Fish Tongs Rapala23 cm

Floating fish tongs 23 cm : - Secure grip to prevent damage to the fish or the fisherman - Can be used to...


Fishnets Pafex EPE

The EPE landing nets are multipurpose landing nets designed with Pafex quality but with low prices.

Starting at: $20.03

Regular Price: $21.00


Landing Net Pafex EP108

The EP108 landing net is a 30 x 40 cm folding racket net.


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Digital Powerline Jig power scale 40 kg

This scale has an easy-to-read LCD display.




JMC X Racquet Outlet

Aluminium frame, soft two-tone mesh, foam handle with elastic cord.

Starting at: $30.53

Regular Price: $32.97


net landing Pafex EPB58

landing net matte varnished wooden snowshoe 27 x 38 cm for wading fishermen



Digital Peson 50kgLineaeffe

50 kg scale with LCD screen


JMC TKR Racquet Outlet

Wooden snowshoe. Specific shape for Tenkara fishing. Size 25 x 37 x 52 cm.


Landing net JMC R

3 sizes available :

Starting at: $35.41


Landing net Pafex EP108F

The landing net EP108F is a landing net folding net of 30 x 40 cm


Mini Digital Scale Rapala25 Kg

This mini digital scale allows you to weigh a weight with an accuracy of up to 25 kg. Automatic switch-off after 4 minutes to save weight....


Folding X-Trend Sertlanding net

This folding fine mesh net is a versatile net that can be used anywhere, depending on its size.

Starting at: $43.84

JMC P Racquet + Magnetic Clip + Meter

Aluminium frame, sturdy net, ergonomic plastic handle with elastic cord. Available with 3 models

Starting at: $47.63

Regular Price: $50.07


Landing net Black Magic Short Handle Net

Size : 50x40 cm



Fish Claw HART Salty Grip

Ergonomically designed aluminum grip for the best grip. Always take the lower jaw...


Wooden netPierre Sempé

WOOD EPUISETTE Wooden sink + silicone net Size: 63 x 27 cm Size: net 42 x 25.5 cm


Épuisettes Pafex Ayu-Carbone

L'épuisette Ayu-Carbone est principalement destinée à la mise au sec de la truite.

Starting at: $71.32

Mechanical Fish Tongs Rapala25 Kg

This series of fish tongs is both functional and efficient. Available in mechanical or digital version, it is both functional and efficient....


Jmc Extra Large Wooden Racquets + Clip + Meter

A snowshoe net with an extra large wooden frame and a fine mesh net to avoid damaging the fish.


JMC Wood DLX Racquets + Magnetic Clip + Meter

Varnished wood of very high quality. Wide woven mesh net.

Starting at: $127.00

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