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Fly lines

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JMC Silk Cleaner Clamp

This clamp that attaches to the fishing vest removes impurities on the silk during the fishing trip.


JMC Marlow Grease

Natural silicone free grease for flies and leaders.


Linespeed Silk Cleaner Scierra

The Linespeed Scierra is a silk cleaner. A non-greasy silk cleaner that greatly improves casting distances. On average, it makes it possible to win between 4 and 6 meters in the throw!


JM'Z JMC Turbot Shoot

Applied to synthetic bristles, this product gives the coating an exceptional glide that improves


JMC Natural Silk Grease

Special grease for the care of natural bristles.


JM'Z JMC Dresline

This product is ideal for cleaning and maintaining synthetic bristles. It improves flotation and glide of the line.


Dry Float JMC

Spray without propellant gas with very high floating power. Can also be applied to the leader of the line


JM4z JMC Clean Synthetic Silk

Essential product for the regular maintenance of synthetic bristles. Apply over the entire length of the silk, with your fingers


Sinking Line Dressing JMC

Liquid product for degreasing and pouring silks and leaders for drowned, chiro, nymph and streamer fishing.


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