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Clipper Economy Pafex

This steel wire cutter allows to cut nylon with precision.



Wire cutter C&C Fishing

Stainless steel, blue color.


RapalaRCD wire cutter

Mini RCD wire cutter.


Wire cutter Jmc Pétrole

Wire cutter Jmc Pétrole


Thread cutterPowerline

Universal thread cutter


Nipper Pafex with Necklace

Nipper on necklace


JMC DLX Silver Wire Cutter

Silver plated metal thread cutter equipped with a needle and a chain.



Fishing line cutter Combo Tool Scierra

The Combo Tool Scierra fishing line cutter is made in the USA of stainless steel. Multi-function tool: wire cutter, knot tightening or knot breaking tool, punch to unclog eyelets, hook sharpener. Can be re-sharpened.


JMC Thread Cutter 3 Functions

This thread cutter is used to cut nylon precisely, make knots to connect to the silk and unclog it.

Starting at: $23.34

JMC Standard Wire Cutter

Hardened steel wire cutter with eyelet opening.



Ceramic Clipper JMC

Thread cutter with ceramic jaws and eyelet opener.



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