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Basic Sock Eiger

Basic Sock Eiger socks are made of wool. Colour: Green ? Multi-purpose socks for fishing, hunting, trekking, skiing ... ? Wool, warm and comfortable

Starting at: $5.28

Regular Price: $9.26


Neoprene glue Facom liquid 30ml

Immediate setting, moisture resistant


Neoprene glue Facom gel 30ml

Immediate setting, moisture resistant


PVC glue Facom 30ml

Immediate setting, water resistant


Alpina Sock Eiger

Alpina Sock Eiger socks are high performance socks. Color: Black/Grey

Starting at: $6.80

Regular Price: $10.79


Glue extra strong Facom with brush applicator - 7gr

Facom glue, immediate setting, moisture resistant



JMC Wading Shoe Nailing Kit

Kit of 20 nails.


Set of Nails HART for Wading Shoes

Bag of 28 specific nails for wadding shoes


Suspension Amiaudfor Boots

Stainless steel hanger for drying and storing boots, waders and waders.


JMC Neoprene Gaiters

These universal neoprene gaiters are equipped with velcro fasteners for quick and easy attachment.


Studs For Jmc Ezy Shoes

Made of the same material as the snow chains

Starting at: $25.79

Carpet bag for wader HART

This carpet bag is very practical to put on and take off your wader


SlippersSavage Gear Shoes

Size: 41 to 46 - 100% Lightweight and durable - Adherent sole

Starting at: $35.05

Pair of H-Lock felt Hodgman soles

Selecting the best sole for river fishing or surfcasting makes the difference. The quality of a s...

Starting at: $35.17

WeekendGoodYear Boots

Multi-purpose high boot ideal for all your leisure activities: Fishing, walking....... High strength rod Abrasion and abrasion resistant...

Starting at: $38.63

GoodYear Land Pvc boots

Technical leisure and walking boot for all types of terrain

Starting at: $39.74

Woman / Children PVCDaiwa Boots

Flexible and comfortable, these boots are available from size 33/34 to allow our budding fishermen to follow Daddy to the water's edge! The seams are reinforced and glued for perfect waterproofness - Boots with toothed soles -

Starting at: $40.91

Wader PVC Green Zebco

Wader PVC Green Zebco • PVC Wader • Wader for wading and float tube • Size : 38 to 47 • Light and resistant wader

Starting at: $46.77


GoodYear La Crossover Boots

Technical all-terrain boot developed for foot comfort and safety in any type of outdoor environment Stem....

Starting at: $53.87

GoodYear La marlin PVC Boots

Navy blue PVC boots, white sole, ideal for water sports and outdoor use

Starting at: $60.84


Excellent quality, super lightweight. They are are delivered with a bag. Pants: 100% nylon, PVC coated Bag: 100% n...

Starting at: $61.04

Dam Hydroforce Nylon Taslan Chestwader

Hydroforce Nylon-Taslan chest waders are a completely new generation of waders from D.A.M.!

Starting at: $70.22

PVC Waders SertTaslon X-Trend Instinct OG S.Cranked

Wader made of durable PVC with a new design that will keep you comfortably dry.

Starting at: $73.74

WalkerGoodYear Boots

Technical walking boot ideal for hunting and fishing on all types of terrain.... Technical Specifications Stem and sowing...

Starting at: $74.97

GoodYear SP fishing thigh waders

Plavitex: flexible, thin and resistant PVC

Starting at: $78.43

Daiwa Breathable Boot Waders in Taslon

Daiwa Breathable Waders • Wader in Taslon • Wader for wading and float tube • Size : 36 to 47 • Ultra light and easy to use • Delivered with a carrying bag

Starting at: $79.72

Wader Hart Strong

Wader Hart Strong • PVC Wader • Wader for wading and float tube • Size : 39 to 46 • Sturdy and silent wader • Heat sealed seams inside • Non-slip soles

Starting at: $79.72

Wader Neoprene HART Socks Aircross

Neoprene Wader - Size: 38 to 47 - Socks neoprene

Starting at: $85.46

Filled FishfurGoodYear boots

Technical boot with a very tightly adhered seamless sole High-strength PVC Filled interior Very adhesive notched sole...

Starting at: $85.52

GoodYear La Sport Boots

Sport leggings developed for user comfort and agility Materials: Plavitex: soft, thin and resistant PVC Ren....

Starting at: $86.22

Wader Neoprene HART Aircross boot

Neoprene Wader - Size: 38 to 47 - classic boot

Starting at: $87.81

Neoprene SertNeo X-Trend Waders

This booted wader is made of 4 mm neoprene.

Starting at: $90.74

Regular Price: $116.06


Limited quantity!

Boot HART trakai-Bn

Boots with neoprene lining - Size 39 to 46

Starting at: $92.61


Break-PointRon Thompson Fishing Wader

Size: 40 to 47 - Neoprene 4 mm - Rubber sole

Starting at: $93.67

Best Seller

Wader lining HART Polar Altai-M

Warm mid-layer fleece. Additional insulation under trousers or overalls

Starting at: $99.53

La premium plus premiumGoodYear boots +

High quality leg boots, height 80 cm in reinforced PVC, ideal for fishing and hunting in all seasons Holding strap at the...

Starting at: $101.46

Stövlar 4 Neoprene StockingVolkiën Soul Boots

Super insulating, flexible and extremely strong 4mm stretch neoprene leg boots

Starting at: $101.87

Waders Plavitex Goodyear Combi SP

Wader PVC • Wader pour wading et float tube • Taille : 36 à 48 • Wader léger et résistant

Starting at: $107.85


Waders Dam Neoprene Flex Rubber

Luxurious 90% rubber waders with neoprene lining for better thermal insulation, and 100% waterproof. The straps are...

Starting at: $111.25

Wading WB Shoe Wading WBDaiwa

Wading shoes with notched sole

Starting at: $114.77

Wading shoe JMC Hydrox integral V2

Size : 36 to 49 - Vibram or Felt sole

Starting at: $116.06


Wader Scierra Kenai chest wader

Size: M to XXL - Waterproof - 5mm neoprene slippers

Starting at: $116.06

Boot HART Nidden

Neoprene construction boots - Size 39 to 46

Starting at: $116.06


Wader GoodYear La Combi Sport

Waders ideal technique for sport fishing Plavitex: soft, thin and resistant PVC Knee reinforcement Elastic strap...

Starting at: $117.11

DryzoneDam breathing pvc waders

3 layers 100% micro polyester- Neoprene slippers with 5 mm lower part - Size: 40 to 47

Starting at: $127.78

Regular Price: $151.23


Wader Grauvell Phoenix Felt Boot Wader

4 mm neoprene wader with rubber boots

Starting at: $127.78

Regular Price: $151.23


Wading Boot HART 25S

Textured sole shoes - Size: 38 to 47 - nails included

Starting at: $127.78

Wading Hydrox HX Shoes

Lace and felt sole model

Starting at: $127.78

Volkien Soul EDGE S wading shoes

Sizes : 40 to 47 - 100% Light and durable - Felt or rubber grip sole

Starting at: $135.87


Breathable Daiwa 3 Diaper Wader Neoprene Slipper

3 Storage layers

Starting at: $139.50

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