Neoprene Boot Waders

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Wader Neoprene HART Aircross boot

Neoprene Wader - Size: 38 to 47 - classic boot

Starting at: $87.85

Neoprene SertNeo X-Trend Waders

This booted wader is made of 4 mm neoprene.

Starting at: $90.78

Regular Price: $116.12


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Neoprene waders 4 mm crampon sole Daiwa

These 4 mm Daiwa neoprene waders are with studded soles (WSC10). They have a ventral pocket. The WSC is suitable for....

Starting at: $100.87

Break-PointRon Thompson Fishing Wader

Size: 40 to 47 - Neoprene 4 mm - Rubber sole

Starting at: $117.28

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Wader Grauvell Phoenix Felt Boot Wader

4 mm neoprene wader with rubber boots

Starting at: $127.85

Regular Price: $151.30


Wader néoprène Daiwa 5 mm Semelle Mixte

Wader mixte • PVC •Taille : 38 à 47 • Botte classique semelles mixtes feutre et talon caoutchouc à crampons

Starting at: $139.58


Waders Neo Precision Pro Waders Spiked Insoles Garbolino

Waders Neo Precision Pro Waders Spiked Insoles

Starting at: $186.49

JMC Hydrox Frisson Waders Boot Mixed Insoles

Having become a reference over the years, Frisson waders are made of genuine 3.5 mm stretch neoprene, insulating.

Starting at: $234.46

ComfortzoneDam neoprene waders

Very soft 5mm neoprene - Lightweight rubber boots lined with 3mm neoprene - Size: 40 to 47

Starting at: $280.32

Regular Price: $303.78


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