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Wader Neoprene HART Socks Aircross

Neoprene Wader - Size: 38 to 47 - Socks neoprene

Starting at: $82.20

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Wader neoprene ScierraNeo-stretch

The most comfortable neoprene wader ever made: extremely light, strong and stretchy!

Starting at: $150.54

Regular Price: $161.37


JMC Hydrox Frisson Stocking Waders

The Frisson waders are made of genuine 3.5 mm stretch neoprene, insulating, flexible and very robust.

Starting at: $204.69

Waders Neoprene ScierraTundra V2 Felt Sole Boot

100% waterproof waders with stitched, glued and heat-sealed seams

Starting at: $248.01

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