Bobbin cover

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Protects Daïwa coil M (SIZE 2500)

Neoprene tape to ensure the protection of the yarn on the reel and to avoid unintentional exit from the line during transport.


Neoprene spool protection Daiwa

Neoprene bands to ensure the protection of the thread on the spool.

Starting at: $6.92

Tournament surf spool protection Daiwa

Silicone surf spool protection


Cane & ReelPenn Cleaner 336 g

This rod and reel cleaner is to be used after each trip at sea. Spray on sensitive areas to keep them safe...




Reel CoverMaxel

Suitable for reels left and right.

Starting at: $17.59

Daïwa reel seat cover SPIN.4500/6500

Series of neoprene covers effectively protect spinning reels from size 1500 to 6500.



To 10/18/2021

6 Item(s)

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