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Fast-drying fly tying varnish

Features: Special ultra fast drying colourless varnish for fly tying.




JMC Rapid Varnish

Varnish that is applied with its brush cap to finish and consolidate the bodies and heads.

Starting at: $4.46

Quick-drying colourless binding varnish

Ligature varnish 1 component: 10 ml bottle with brush. 3 coats are necessary to obtain a good glaze.



Best Seller

Varnish JMC Glass Nymph

Coloured, glossy and transparent varnish. Perfectly covers lead, copper, quills...

Starting at: $8.09

2-component varnish kit

2-component varnish kit: 25 g dosing syringe, binding varnish, detailed instructions for use.



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