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Water QueenMetal Disgorger 16 cm

Disgorger Water Queen Metal 16 cm


Baillon Pafex in Pike

Medium strength pike baits with a ball at the end of each branch.


Long pliers Savage Gear 28cm

Hook unhooking pliers ....




Disgorger pliers Flashmer stainless steel

This disgorger allows you to safely remove a lure equipped with treble hooks.


Disgorging pliers C&C Fishing

Strong and durable, this disgorger allows the unhooking of all hooks,



To 5/3/2022

Stainless Steel Slit DisgorgerAmiaud

Stainless steel round slot disgorger with a diameter of 10 mm and a length of 30 cm.


Pliers Savage Gear M

Universal pliers ....


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