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DeluxeLineaeffe Scissors

Braid and nylon scissors

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Braided Fishing LineScissors Flashmer

Stainless steel scissors Serrated blade Precise, sharp blade tips Locking notch


Seanox Broken Ring Chisel Pliers

Broken ring chisel pliers made of steel


Pike 'n Bass Scissors

These scissors are indispensable in the fisherman's box to cut braid and nylon.



Best Seller

Braid Scissors Braid Scissors Daiwa Braid Scissors

The Daiwa special braided scissors...


Tail Cutting Scissors Stainless Steel 21 cm

Ideal for marking fish


Reinforced scissors stainless steel 14 cm

Notched and reinforced scissors


Thread cutterPowerline

Universal thread cutter


RapalaSpecial Braided Scissors

- Blades designed to hold the braid and cut it with ease - Large finger holes


Scissors Savage Gear Magic Folding scissor 11 cm

Multifunctional chisel



Stainless Steel Scissors 11 cm Braided Fishing Line and Broken Rings

Stainless Steel Scissors 11 cm Braided Fishing Line and Broken Rings


Scissors Pafex Eco 14 cm

Ergonomically shaped plastic handles




Ez braided Rapalascissors

- Non-slip retractable scissors - Cuts the braid very easily - Necklace cord


Ciseaux Pafex à Tresse

Ciseaux spécialement conçus pour couper la tresse



Stainless steel scissors 12 cm with soft eyelets

Multi-purpose scissors with soft eyelets.


Marttiini Nylon Case for Folding Knife

Marttiini Nylon Case for Folding Knife Dimensions: 140 x 62 x 33 mm Black color Case : Nylon Suitable for all folding knives


Kerfil Tail-Docking Scissors

The tail-docking scissors are made of Stainless Steel. Rubber-made and anti-slip handle. Length = 24 cm. Safety button for the s




PrologicPro Braid Scissors Pro Braid Scissors

Very precise braided scissors




Braided scissors Pafex Ceramic

Without a doubt the best fishing scissors in the world!



Disgorging pliers C&C Fishing

Strong and durable, this disgorger allows the unhooking of all hooks,



Fire StoneMarttiini

Materials: Cerium, lanthanum, iron and magnesium alloy Scraper: Stainless steel Length: 101 mm


21 Item(s)

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