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Shrimp net Bouqueteaux - BlueSeanox

Length 1.00 m diameter 20 cm


103 cm Water Queenlivewell landing net

Water Queen landing net 103 cm


Waterproof and rot-proof fish net

The Pafex fish net is waterproof. It is very resistant. Dimensions : 110 x 50 cm Mesh size : 8 mm



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Large MeshZebco Telescopic Net

With a large mesh opening, it is particularly suitable for river fishing.

Starting at: $14.07

Handle of Épuisette AmiaudSeul Alu Brut

Handle for landing net only in raw aluminium with 30 mm diameter tube

Starting at: $17.59

Folding Markor fishing net

Very resistant rubber net net.

Starting at: $18.65

Fishnets Pafex EPE

The EPE landing nets are multipurpose landing nets designed with Pafex quality but with low prices.

Starting at: $19.24

Regular Price: $20.17



Fishing net SnowshoeingMarkor

Handle length 27 cm, head 40x35 cm


Floating snowshoe net Flashmer Kayak

Epuisette float tube and wading - These new landing nets feature a sturdy blue anodized frame, strong and flexible net.


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Folding X-Trend Sertlanding net

This folding fine mesh net is a versatile net that can be used anywhere, depending on its size.

Starting at: $42.11

Fishing nets Pafex Float Tube

These landing nets are recommended for fishing in float tube, for Street and Rock Fishing

Starting at: $42.22

Landing net handle Amiaud Alu Sheathed

Handle of landing net only in aluminium sheathed with tube of diameter 30 mm

Starting at: $46.68

Telescopic landing nets Pafex Ayu-Telescopic

The Ayu-Telescopic landing nets extend automatically thanks to an internal spring.

Starting at: $54.07

Kayak Telescopic Catch N ReleaseBerkley Net

These new rubber landing nets have a solid red anodized frame, a strong and flexible net, which will never let a hook get caught.




Fishing nets Pafex Top Fishingnet

The Top Fishingnet landing nets are reinforced landing nets designed mainly for landing large predators.

Starting at: $78.00

16 Item(s)

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