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Starting at: $2.87

Bottom of the line Steel Daiwa 19 strands Wire Leader

Steel leader equipped with a Daiwa end clip.

Starting at: $4.22

T-Zone Beads T-Zone BeadsSasame

Sasame special pearls at the bottom of the line sold in a pocket of 6 pieces

Starting at: $5.04

Regular Price: $5.75


Beads Clipot Rotating SunsetBeads With ST-P-405

Rotating T-Holes Beads Clip Beads ST-P-405 SUNSET.

Starting at: $6.69

Anti tangle Mad / Anti blister Sleeves long x20

Use the MAD anti-tanglers to eliminate tangles. They will allow you to concentrate on the distance you need to reach.

Starting at: $6.92

Quick Release Beads SunsetST-P-450/451

Quick hooking beads.

Starting at: $8.56

Anti Tangle Mad Anti emmeleur Touchdown sleeves Long

Weighted anti-tangle to reduce the risk of air being trapped in the first part of your assembly. No need to worry about...


7 Item(s)

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