Shock leaders

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5x15m nylon tapered ripcord Sufix Shock Max

This Muzzle conical line has been designed to absorb the shock when casting and also create a tapering line.

Starting at: $11.46

SunsetSilanium Conica socks 5x15m

Transparent conical tear-off strips for surf-casting

Starting at: $12.65

Tapered shock leader Multii Vercelli

Length 15M - Multicolour - Various diameters

Starting at: $13.87


Nylon Asso Protector 220 m

Spécial surf casting pour garnir le moulinet

Starting at: $19.90

Nylon Asso Protector 5 x 15 m

Conçu à partir des meilleurs matériaux

Starting at: $28.88

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