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Weight 22kgLineaeffe

Mechanical scale 22 kg + meter


Waterproof and rot-proof fish net

The Pafex fish net is waterproof. It is very resistant. Dimensions : 110 x 50 cm Mesh size : 8 mm



Best Seller

Peson digital 50kg Evia

Peson numérique peu encombrant.



Boot hook Abu Garcia 50" 50-80cm

Telescopic blunder. Aluminium tube. Sharp stainless steel tip. Open length


Digital Scale 40kgLineaeffe

40 kg scale with LCD screen


Floating Fish Tongs Rapala23 cm

Floating fish tongs 23 cm : - Secure grip to prevent damage to the fish or the fisherman - Can be used to...


Handle of Épuisette AmiaudSeul Alu Brut

Handle for landing net only in raw aluminium with 30 mm diameter tube

Starting at: $18.32

Quantum Radical Spring Load Cell

What could be more natural than to want to know the weight of your record catch!

Starting at: $18.32

Telescopic pike pole Lineaeffe 140 cm

Telescopic boathook Steel and aluminium 2 elements Overall dimensions: 90 cm Total length: 140 cm Diameter: 6 mm


Folding Markor fishing net

Very resistant rubber net net.

Starting at: $19.42

Zebco Two-stranded beware 1.50m

Stainless steel pike pole and silicone protective cap for transport. Two-part telescopic pole made of aluminium.


Boot hook Abu Garcia 90" 88-150cm

Telescopic blunder. Aluminium tube. Sharp stainless steel tip. Open length


Disgorger pliers Flashmer stainless steel

This disgorger allows you to safely remove a lure equipped with treble hooks.


Pike'n Bass Fish Clamp

Fish tongs.




Sert18-litre bucket with livewell

18 litre live fish bucket




Gaffe Flashmer Alu Blue 120 cm

120 cm telescopic gaff, blue color.


Fishing net SnowshoeingMarkor

Handle length 27 cm, head 40x35 cm


Scale CarpSpirit Classic 25 kg

? Equipped with 2 hooks and a cover for transport. ? It is calibrated very precisely every 100 g.


Fish Grip Explorer Tackle Fish Grip 29 cm

Aluminum fish tongs 29 cm


AmiaudStainless Steel Gaffer Hook 8 mm

M20 threaded tip, diameter 8mm.


Digital Powerline Jig power scale 40 kg

This scale has an easy-to-read LCD display.




Gaffe Flashmer Alu Blue 150 cm

Telescopic gaff 150 cm blue color.


Telescopic Boom Rapala

- Lightweight, aluminium construction - Very easy to handle - Hook guard: does not get tangled with the line when using the hook....


Landing net handle Amiaud Alu Sheathed

Handle of landing net only in aluminium sheathed with tube of diameter 30 mm

Starting at: $32.85

Fish Tongs Berkley with Meter

This Berkley fish clamp is equipped with a meter and a rotating head.


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Digital Peson 50kgLineaeffe

50 kg scale with LCD screen


Fishing net Dam nylon Steelpower Blue Extreme

Dimensions: length 100 to 167 cm - mesh size 3 cm - overall dimensions 75 cm



Mini Digital Scale Rapala25 Kg

This mini digital scale allows you to weigh a weight with an accuracy of up to 25 kg. Automatic switch-off after 4 minutes to save weight....


FloatingMarkor boat landing net

55 x 44 cm head, handle length 1 m


Folding X-Trend Sertlanding net

This folding fine mesh net is a versatile net that can be used anywhere, depending on its size.

Starting at: $43.84

Folding Alu net Flashmer Folder

Dimensions: 140 x 60/50 cm



Folding Alu net Flashmer Tele Folder

Max. dimensions: 180 x 60/50 cm



RotatingPowerline Fish Tongs with Peson

Jig power fish clamp.




Fish Grip Explorer Tackle Fish Grip Luxe 29 cm

Aluminum fish tongs 29 cm


Travel Pike pole Explorer Tackle Hook 30 cm

Small, practical and aesthetic only 30 cm!


Stainless Steel Screw AmiaudHook M20 mm

Stainless steel hook with screwable hook M20 mm

Starting at: $62.53

Exlporer Tackle Alu and Teflon gaff 95 cm

95 cm black gaff.


Exlporer Tackle Alu and Teflon gaff 145 cm

Black gaff 1.45 m.


Sea Gaffe AmiaudSérie Forte 160 cm

Heavy duty series sea gaff with adjustable aluminium TV handle


Mechanical Fish Tongs Rapala25 Kg

This series of fish tongs is both functional and efficient. Available in mechanical or digital version, it is both functional and efficient....


Fishing net Effzett - Big pike

Dimensions: length 180 cm - mesh 10 mm - Overall dimensions 120 cm


Forte AmiaudSeries Sea Gangway 216 cm

Heavy duty series sea gaff with adjustable aluminium TV handle


Tuna Amiaud Lasso - complete

Big fish lasso.




Drop Amiaud Boathook - complete

Special big fish gaff.




Drop Amiaud Harpoon - complete

Special big fish harpoon.




Tuna pliers big game V3 Seanox by Amiaud

Length : 1.30 m - Stainless steel - Jaw opening : 6 cm


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