Landing net

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Handle of Épuisette AmiaudSeul Alu Brut

Handle for landing net only in raw aluminium with 30 mm diameter tube

Starting at: $17.66

Folding Markor fishing net

Very resistant rubber net net.

Starting at: $18.72


Fishing net SnowshoeingMarkor

Handle length 27 cm, head 40x35 cm


Landing net handle Amiaud Alu Sheathed

Handle of landing net only in aluminium sheathed with tube of diameter 30 mm

Starting at: $31.67

FloatingMarkor boat landing net

55 x 44 cm head, handle length 1 m


Folding X-Trend Sertlanding net

This folding fine mesh net is a versatile net that can be used anywhere, depending on its size.

Starting at: $42.26

Folding Alu net Flashmer Folder

Dimensions: 140 x 60/50 cm



Folding Alu net Flashmer Tele Folder

Max. dimensions: 180 x 60/50 cm



Fishing net Effzett - Big pike

Dimensions: length 180 cm - mesh 10 mm - Overall dimensions 120 cm


10 Item(s)

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