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Waterproof and rot-proof fish net

The Pafex fish net is waterproof. It is very resistant. Dimensions : 110 x 50 cm Mesh size : 8 mm



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Floating Fish Tongs Rapala23 cm

Floating fish tongs 23 cm : - Secure grip to prevent damage to the fish or the fisherman - Can be used to...


Disgorger pliers Flashmer stainless steel

This disgorger allows you to safely remove a lure equipped with treble hooks.


Sert18-litre bucket with livewell

18 litre live fish bucket


Mechanical Fish Tongs Rapala25 Kg

This series of fish tongs is both functional and efficient. Available in mechanical or digital version, it is both functional and efficient....


Tuna pliers big game V3 Seanox by Amiaud

Length : 1.30 m - Stainless steel - Jaw opening : 6 cm


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