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Agrafes Quick Inox

Agrafes Quick Inox

Starting at: $1.30

Agrafe Double Americaine

Agrafe Double Américaine. Idéal pour la pêche aux leurres

Starting at: $1.76

SunsetRolling Swivel Swivel ST-S-1001

Black anodized peach swivel. Ultra versatile.

Starting at: $1.95

SunsetAmerican Snap Staple ST-S-2004

Quick stapler sold in 15-piece pouches.

Starting at: $1.95

SunsetHanging Snap Staple ST-S-2032

Quick stapler sold in a pouch of 8 pieces.

Starting at: $1.95

SunsetRolling Diamond Swivel ST-S-1003

Black anodized peach swivel. Diamond-shaped eyelets prevent the knots from slipping and keep the assembly in line.

Starting at: $1.95

SunsetSplit Snap Staple ST-S-2026

Quick stapler sold in a 5-piece pouch.

Starting at: $1.95

Swivel SunsetBB Swivel Solid Ring ST-S-1804

Black anodized peach swivel. Super resistant, mounted on ball bearings.

Starting at: $1.95

5 Attaches Simples JB

5 Attaches Simples JB

Starting at: $4.08

Egg Snaps Savage Gear Extra Large

These Egg Snaps are made of reinforced Japanese stainless steel.

Starting at: $4.61

Staple Q-snapQuantum

10 pieces pouch - 6 sizes available

Starting at: $4.73

TournamentDaiwa Staple D

A staple with a round base ideal for sealed heads. Available in 3 sizes.

Starting at: $5.21

TournamentDaiwa Staple W Snap

New clip with a wider base so as not to hinder the work from lure and to the narrow top promoting stability

Starting at: $5.55

5 Attaches Doubles JB

5 Attaches Doubles JB

Starting at: $5.86

Emerillons Owner King noir mat

Emerillons black • Taille : 2/0 à 8 • Pochette

Starting at: $8.16

Agraphes Speed Clip Inox

Permet de changer de leurre très rapidement.

Starting at: $8.22

10 Attaches Simples J.B Mer

10 Attaches Simples J.B Mer 62 / 65 / 74

Starting at: $10.65

Agrafe Decoy Egg Snap

Résistance hors norme, un produit ultra fiable qui ne risque pas de s’ouvrir sur un gros poisson.

Starting at: $10.89

Emerillons à bille Owner 5158 noir mat

Emerillons black • Taille : 5 à 8 • Pochette

Starting at: $12.07

Agrafes Doubles Owner avec Emerillon Rolling Double

Cette agrafe très pratique permet d’enfiler ou d’enlever tous types de leurres très facilement.

Starting at: $12.78

100 Attache Simple J.B

100 Attache Simple J.B

Starting at: $46.14

100 Attache Double J.B.

100 Attache Double J.B.

Starting at: $75.72

22 Item(s)

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