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Battery aeratorPafex

Reference battery aerator



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Pafex Belt Aerator AER6

Piston aerator, O-ring, 2 speeds. 2 PLR20 batteries not included



Zebco 2 Speed Aerator

Aerator with 2 speeds


Aerator Rapala

- 60 cm tube - Powerful and quiet diaphragm pump - Operates with 2 x 1.5V LR14 batteries (not included). - Fi...


AER-2FPPafex Aerator

2-speed piston aerator



Pike'N Aerator Rechargeable Solar Bass

Rechargeable solar aerator.




Multi-Pulsator 2-SpeedZebco Aerator

A version of our popular "Two Speed" live aerator.


Floating Aerator RCDRapala

This floating RCD aerator is automatically activated when it comes into contact with water.


Aerator Pafex 3 Functions

3-way aerator. Operates on battery, cigarette lighter or battery (PLR20 not included)



Pike'N Bass Powerbank 7600 mAh aerator.

Stay connected while you're fishing. With its aerator function, it will allow you to oxygenate your lives while recharging your tablet or smartphone.


Aerateur Fuji Toki FP-2000

Aerateur Fuji Toki FP-2000



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