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Kit of Water Queen3 GM Poultry Floats

Water Kit Queen 3 Floats Carnivores GM


Pince Pafex Forceps 20 cm

Pince forceps inox courbe



Scissors Savage Gear

Titanium split ring nose, braid and wire scissors.


12 Floats Water Queenmeteor pac 0,10 g

12 Floats Water Queen meteor pac 0,10 g


Sunglass Buster SunglassesBlack CAT

Beautiful sunglasses with yellow frames and reflective blue lenses.


Smoker Fish SmokerQuantum Specialist

Practical smoker with large fireplace and two burners.




Dam Deluxe Smoking Oven

Dam Deluxe Smoking Oven, easy to carry and store With a stainless steel body, two grill plates and two burners. Dimension : 43 x 27 x 20 cm.



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Shirubi Bass IIAdam's fishing rod 1.90 M 5-20 gr

Length 190 cm - Weight: 140 gr - Power 5-20 gr


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JMC Initiation Fly Mounting Kit

This comprehensive kit provides an excellent foundation for beginners and experienced fitters alike.


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9 Item(s)

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