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Fixed marine VHF radio Navicom RT 750 V2

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Waterproof IPX-7 - Power 1 to 25W - DSC/DSC - Built-in GPS antenna

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Price as configured: $247.82


Navicom RT 750 marine VHF

It is an RT 550 in a very compact format with a larger LCD screen. This fixed VHF is the most compact VHF on the market! Equipped with DSC (DSC) with a very large LCD display, the RT 750 is very reliable and easy to use. In addition, it has an integrated GPS antenna allowing DSC/DSC operation in total autonomy. No more wiring to do.
By The eTeam

Easy to use

The VHF RT 750 is very compact and thanks to its very large LCD screen and its 12 keys you will be able to use your VHF easily. At night, the display and keyboard are equipped with an orange backlighting with a red limit for a perfect reading.

Simple d'utilisation
Étanche et fiable

Waterproof and reliable

The RT 750 complies with IPX-7 standards, allowing it to be used even in rough seas. She'll always be there on your sea trips. This VHF is known for its reliability.

Deported handset

The VHF is equipped with a remote handset to easily control your VHF remotely. The handset will allow you to change channels as well as to switch between 1W or 25W power and to switch easily between channel 9 and channel 16

Combiné déporté

Distress signal

The DSC (Digital Selective Calling) system transmits a distress signal with a recognizable message within a radius of 30 to 50 miles by vessels equipped with a VHF DSC mandatory on large vessels with a permanent automatic watch).

All the information useful to the rescue coordinators in identifying the stricken vessel and its position is contained in the message, which will be automatically relayed from vessel to vessel until it is received by a rescue centre.


Regardless of whether they are fixed or portable, marine vhf radios are subject to common regulations. Indeed, in the first instance, vhf radios must be declared to the National Frequency Agency (ANFR) which will then issue an Operating Licence and a personal call sign (MMSI). A document that must absolutely be on board.

Also, until March 2011, a Radiotelephone Operator's Restricted Certificate was mandatory only for portable vhf's with a power rating of less than 6 watts. In the meantime, the regulations have evolved so that they are no longer compulsory in the French territorial and domestic areas.

Finally, as the use of marine vhf radios on land is forbidden, walkie-talkies will be used instead.

Antennes VHF

VHF antennas :

The Banten Fibre 1.50m vhf antenna will be recommended for motorboats. It will have a range of 20 nautical miles.

The vhf Banten RRG 25cm antenna is recommended for sailing boats or for people who want a compact antenna. It will have a range of 20 nautical miles from the top of a 7-metre mast on a console with a range of 10 nautical miles.

The vhf Banten Brin Souple 1.2m antenna will be recommended for semi-rigid vehicles as it is flexible and will not break on impact. It will have a range of 20 nautical miles.

In the box:

- VHF RT750
- Bracket and fixing wheel (RY455)
- Power Cable (RY451)
- NMEA cable (RY452)
- Cable for external speaker (RY454

- Screws
- Instruction manual in French

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