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Helix 7 G3 CHIRP MEGA SI Humminbird GPS sounder + 140/240/1040/1075/1150 KHz sensor

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7" HD display - Full sun color panoramic - 140/240 KHz - Mega Side Imaging - 500W RMS - Integrated GPS antenna - New Reflex interface

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Humminbird Helix 7 G3 CHIRP MEGA DI GPS sounder + 140/240/1075/1150 KHz sensor

Panoramic Display

Humminbird Helix series has a 7" 16/9th screen. This allows you to have a small size camera without losing image quality. You will have a clearer and more accurate image for both the sonar unit and the mapping. This full sun, anti-fog treated screen will allow you to spend your fishing day

HD Helix 7 MDI
Sondeur 2D

2D HD Fishfinder

This unit is equipped with Humminbird Dual Beam probe technology. This provides a clearer image of the echo sounder and better detection of the seabed. The 140/240KHz probe will allow you to descend to 150m of water with a good image readable on the full sun screen.

Dual Spectrum

DUAL SPECTRUM Chirp technology is achieved with the new Chirp Humminbird probe. This wide-beam multi-frequency probe has a scanning range that works from 140 to 240khz. The latest Humminbird design office, this probe incorporates the best available ceramics, equipped with a very low "Q" factor that protects the ceramics from any unnecessary vibration. It gives you the clearest and most accurate image of the water layer. The most advanced sonar image ever available on a Humminbird sonar unit. Thanks to the 140-200khz wide beam, you no longer lose your lure and quickly locate the fish, the narrow beam that works in 180-240khz allows you to optimize the detail and the reading of the bottom. It is also possible to combine the two beams to make the most of the two frequency ranges. With these three revolutionary display modes you can effectively explore every inch of the water layer. This new DUAL SPECTRUM technology now equips all Humminbird Helix G3, G3N DS, MDI & MSI models...

Dual Spectrum

MEGA Down Imaging

You have never seen your fishing grounds in this way, Mega Imaging offers an accuracy 3 times higher than the best current Imaging technologies it is undoubtedly the clearest, clearest and precise that you have never seen thanks to the use of frequencies in the Mega Hertz domain, fish only have to behave well.

MEGA Side Imaging

Just like Mega Down imaging, the new Mega Side imaging inherits the same technological advances, in terms of range you can now prospect up to 40m on either side of the boat, or 40m of scanning in Mega Imaging!

No longer miss a school of fish or an underwater structure, in a single pass the Mega Hertz definition associated with the new sweeping width displays all the details of the seabed in an ultra realistic way.

AutoChart Live

AutoChart Live

AutoChart Live software is pre-loaded with 8 hours of memory to give users the ability to create detailed bathymetric bottom mapping. This feature now allows you to display vegetation variations and bottom hardness in addition to bathymetry. The maps are created live on the screen as the prospecting progresses.

Create real-time maps of your fishing sites. Draw depth contours, bottom hardness and vegetation when driving your boat, with eight hours of built-in recording time.

To increase the memory capacity of the AutoChart Live function, the AutoChart card is required.


The advantages of CHIRP Technology are as follows

- Baitfish and large fish targets easier to identify and distinguish

- Better target identification at greater depths

- Clearly marks fish at higher boat speeds

- Displays multiple CHIRP sonar ranges on a single screen

Selectable single-frequency sonar operation with award-winning Broadband performance at Sounder™

Utilisation simple

Simple operation

Like all Humminbird devices, it is extremely easy to use. This new generation of sonar unit has a side keyboard for extremely simple operation of the unit. It will work with the original settings but can then be better adjusted to increase the performance of your device.

The use is intuitive and the handling is perfect.


The Humminbird Helix 7 has a state-of-the-art GPS antenna for high accuracy. You will be able to know your position with great precision and do your prospecting.

Reliable navigation - Easy to use - Integrated GPS antenna with high accuracy and detailed mapping. A Micro SD card that can be used to display Navionics+ charts. The exclusive Humminbird 7-inch HD colour display provides bright visibility and detail display in all conditions, even in bright sunlight.

Caution: the Navigation Map is not supplied with the unit.

Démontage rapide

Quick disassembly

This unit is supplied with an extremely strong bracket allowing the unit to be stable even when the sea becomes rough. Also this channel allows a quick disassembly of your device. Simply unscrew the two screws and disconnect the probe and power cable. In less than two minutes your device will be removed.

TA: Transom transducer

TP : Plastic through-hole probe


Screen : 7 "
HD display
Panoramic full sun colour
Probe : MEGA Side Imaging
140/240/1075/1150 KHz
RMS power 500W
Power supply : 10 - 20 VDC
Supplied accessories : Helix 7 G3 MEGA SI Hélix 7 handset display
Transom transom sensor
Probe bracket
Screen mounting bracket
Power cord
Manual in French

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