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Under the HIKO brand the company has provided equipment for water sport for a quarter of a century. The company is driven by a philosophy that only the best is good enough and is striving to provide its customers with top quality products and service. The company is a purely Czech company that designs, manufactures, and sells its own products.

Their goal is to provide you with the best products to magnify your wild water experience.

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Teddy thermal pantsHiko

Thermal underwear - Warm and breathable - Quick drying - Flat seams - Breathable fabric

Starting at: $49.94

Regular Price: $66.58


Limited quantity!

FLEXI paddle lanyard

Elastic cord - Weight 37 gr


Hiko Fitflex Adjustable Nylon Spraydeck

Nylon spraydeck with adjusters

Starting at: $35.67

Hiko Waterproof Smartphone Pouch

Waterproof smartphone case with translucent PVC front and inflatable part

Starting at: $17.84

Hiko Switch Ripstop Kayak Spray Top

Waterproof and hard-wearing • 100% polyester + polyurethane layer • MVTR: 10 000 g/m²/24h • WP : 10 000 mm

Starting at: $71.34

Waterproof sportsHiko bag

Waterproof bag in reinforced fabric coated P. U. - Particularly flexible - 2, 4, 8, 12 litres

Starting at: $12.48

Hiko Flex 87 Neoprene Kayak Spraydeck

For coamings 82 to 92 cm long - 4 mm thick

Starting at: $80.85

Sac de pont étanche Hiko Rolly

Tissus Dupratex 400gr • Fixation par sangles et élastiques avec clips • Face supérieure transparente "Looptex" • Rangements divers extérieurs par cordons • Couleurs : Rouge


SneakerHiko neoprene kayak shoe

Neoprene sock for kayaking

Starting at: $36.26

Paddle float Hiko

Paddle float gonflable pour pagaie de kayak permettant de remonter sur le bateau plus facilement.


Hiko Lars Waterproof Thermal Kayak Trousers

Waterproof thermal trousers for winter canoeing/kayaking

Starting at: $124.85

Free shipping

Hiko Flex 80 Kayak Spraydeck

For coamings 75 to 88 cm long - Thickness 4 mm

Starting at: $77.29

Hiko Flex 94 Neoprene Kayak Spraydeck

For coamings from 90 to 98 cm long - Thickness 4 mm

Starting at: $85.61

Free shipping

Neoprene kayak socks Hiko NEO 3.0

3 mm neoprene socks - supratex neoprene - Sole reinforcement

Starting at: $19.62

TeddyHiko kayak socks

Very top-of-the-range underwear - Does not keep water out - Remains very warm even when wet.

Starting at: $17.84

Hiko Slim Kayak Gloves 2.5 mm

Thin and flexible neoprene gloves with grip.

Starting at: $34.48

Hiko Swift 70N Kayak PFD

Versatile and lightweight buoyancy aid for canoeing / kayaking

Starting at: $55.88

Hiko Rafter Kayak Shoes - 5 mm neoprene

Neoprene thermical shoes for rafting

Starting at: $52.32

Coaming capHiko

Oxford 210 fabric - Adjustable elastic cord at the coaming

Starting at: $27.35

Hiko Trek Waterproof Backpack

Waterproof case for smartphones with translucent PVC side

Starting at: $72.53

Hiko Aquatic 70N Kayak PFD

Fully-featured open-cut vest sea kayaking or touring with pocket for camel bag

Starting at: $155.76

Free shipping

Nylon Hiko Kayak Sleeves

Nylon sleeve - Neoprene gasket - Polar wool interior


Large opening snap hook

Large opening snap hook


Teddy manHiko pullover

Very fast drying - Pleasant touch - Allows perspiration to evaporate - Use as a first coat under dry clothing

Starting at: $56.48

Seat cover for aHiko car

Waterproof cover - One size fits all - Red or Black

Starting at: $28.54

Neoprene top man long sleeves Symbio Hiko

Long sleeves - Reinforced collar - Neoprene 1.5 mm - Lycra 0.5 mm

Starting at: $85.61

Free shipping

Neoprene skirt Hiko K Flex

Extra-flexible skirt - For slalom kayaks

Starting at: $71.34

Cover for paddle K1 removableHiko

Plastic buckle closure - Available length 120 to 140cm

Starting at: $35.08

Paddle float SwimAqua design

Inflatable paddle float for kayak paddle allowing you to get back on the boat more easily.


Elastic lanyard for harness vests

Elastic lanyard for harness vests


Hiko Snappy waterproof pants

Reinforced knees - Waterproof seams - Latex gasket

Starting at: $189.05

Free shipping

TeddyHiko hat

Cap to use under a helmet - water, ski, bike or other...

Starting at: $17.84

Hiko Paddler Kayak Long John - 3 mm neoprene

Classic long john, 3mm neoprene

Starting at: $102.25

Free shipping

Stamina Hiko kayak vest

Front and back pocket - Adjustable side buckle

Starting at: $145.06

Free shipping

Hiko Endurance Kayak Buoyancy Aid

Padded, adjustable shoulders • Front and back pocket • Adjustable buckle on waist • Side buckle

Starting at: $87.99

Free shipping

HikoBaby Flotation Vest

Buckle opening - Adjustable waist cord - Side buckle adjustment

Starting at: $48.75

Hiko Mikmaq kayak PFD

Adjustable shoulders • Zipper • Front pocket • Adjustable waist buckle • ISO 12402-5


Free shipping

LarsHiko Socks

Waterproof - Elastic drawstring - Hypoallergenic fleece

Starting at: $60.04

Teddy JuniorHiko Pants

Children also want warm and functional underwear. Available in sizes XXXS, XXS, XS, XS


RoverHiko waterproof bag

Waterproof bag - Durable fabric - PVC coating

Starting at: $27.94

Safety rope Hiko

Size 10m, 15m, 20m and 25m - Floating polypropylene rope diam. 8mm - Dupratex bag - Mango color

Starting at: $34.48

Anorak SnapeHiko

Latex gasket - Waterproof seams - Profiled shoulders - Reflective safety straps - Neoprene belt with velcro

Starting at: $166.46

Free shipping

Anorak ChinookHiko

Soft neoprene gasket - Waterproof - Soft neoprene waist

Starting at: $115.33

Free shipping

Hiko dry paddle suit

Breathable fabric - Neoprene collar - Wide, reinforced socks

Starting at: $535.05

Free shipping

NeoHiko Short - 1.5 mm

Neoprene shorts - Thickness 1.5 mm - Rear reinforcement

Starting at: $41.62

Neo Hiko pants - 2.5 mm

Soft neoprene - Thickness 2.5 mm - Foam padding

Starting at: $76.10

46 Item(s)

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