Hydro Force Freesoul Tech 11.2 Inflatable Windsup Board | 2019

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Inflatable Windsup Board • Length: 11'2" (340 cm ) • Width: 35" (89 cm) • Thickness: 6" (15 cm) • Fins: 2 built-in fins + 2 removable fins

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Introducing Hydro Force, a new brand of quality SUP boards at affordable prices. Hydro Force have boards for all kinds of paddling and users which offer lots of advantages: sleek design, great performance and value for money. Each and every HF SUP comes with all the accessories you need to get on the water!

SUP Stand up paddle gonflable Freesoul Tech Hydro Force

Pluses of the Hydro Force Freesoul Tech

  • 1. Versatile: will do great on flat water or small waves, in SUP or kayak mode
  • 2. Two carry handles
  • 3. Tow ring to secure the board when not in use
  • 4. 2 built-in fins + 2 removable fins for unmatched tracking
  • 5. Drop Stitch core
  • 6. Tri-Tech construction
  • 7. Carry bag with straps and pockets
  • 8. Cargo net to secure gear
  • 9. Extra stiff thanks to the 15 cm thickness
  • 10. Large anti-slip pad for improved comfort and grip
  • 11. Mastfoot insert

Construction of the Hydro Force Freesoul

TriTech is a 3-ply reinforced material with a polyester mesh core that’s encased in two layers of laminated PVC, offering superior strength and durability.
Drop stitch is an amazing material used to build SUP boards, but it has also been used to make floating platforms and even airplane wings! Drop stitch allows to build inflatable SUPs that can be blown up to high pressure. This means you get hard board performance along with ease of transport and storage of an inflatable SUP.

How is this possible?
Two pieces of polyester woven fabric with tens of thousands of tiny threads are joined together into a strong unit where all the threads are closely intertwined. Then an air-tight layer is applied onto the sides. Polyster threads are used because they're rugged, durable and have little stretch.
Dropstitch is an extremely strong material that alllows boards to be blown up to high pressure for amazing performance on the water!

SUP Stand up paddle gonflable Cruiser Tech Hydro Force

Freesoul Tech, the ultimate versatile SUP

The Hydro Force Freesoul Tech was designed with fun in mind. The quality of finishes and dimensions of this board make it great for those looking for a handy, versatile paddle board with good manoeuvrability and stability. A stiff board thanks to its 15 cm in thickness, the Freesoul Tech is also extra stable and supportive. Whether you want to use it as a kayak, a regular paddle board, a windsurf board or even work on your yoga poses!
sup gonflable 15 cm The Freesoul Tech is very stable yet manoeuvrable. It features an anti-slip pad and will be perfect for riders of all levels paddling on flat water and it will also do great to catch small waves!

Pad mousse stand up paddle


Thanks to its honeycombed, crocodile skin like structure, the pad is very soft and provides great grip at the same time. The Aqua Journey also boats a kick-pad that allows to turn and ride the waves more easily.

Ailerons mousse stand up paddle


The board is delivered with 2 built-in fins and 2 removable fins (slide-in fins) which provide great tracking on flat water and also in the waves!

Insert Pied de mât windsup

Mastfoot insert

Thanks to its mastfoot insert, this paddleboard can be fitted with a mast base and a sail (not included) and double as a windsurfing board. The iRig mast base and inflatable rig are perfect to use with this board.

What's in the box

The Freesoul Tech 11.2"comes with a carry bag that allows for easy storage. This bag is lightweight and convenient and can accommodate paddle boards of different sizes. A double action high-pressure pump is also included, as well as a leash, a kayak seat, footrest and a convertible paddle.

Accessoires SUP kayak pack prêt à naviguer


Length : 11'2" (340 cm )
Width : 35" (89 cm)
Thickness : 6" (15 cm)
Fins : 2 built-in fins + 2 removable fins
Max payload : 140 kg

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