Inflatable kayak Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Elite

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Length 320 cm - Width 82 cm - Weight 16 kg - High pressure floor - Hiking and walking

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Price as configured: $1,051.26


Accessories for the Advanced Elements Frame AE1012

This inflatable kayak is a favorite among sportsmen and women who want both versatility and a small footprint. Indeed, this inflatable kayak can be used on its own and it offers a small footprint when folded in its bag. Unlike other brands, the bag is large enough to store it easily. The Advanced Elements Advanced Frame kayak comes with:
- 1 repair kit
- 1 storage and transport bag
- 1 adjustable seat with backrest
- 1 instruction and maintenance manual

<img src="" alt="Accessories that come with the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame kayak" />

Sporty and comfortable position

The Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame kayak

comes with a fabric-covered seat with an adjustable backrest for added comfort. The adjustable seat offers comfort for hours of paddling.
<img src="" alt="Advanced Frame inflatable kayak sport seat" />
<img src="" alt="AdvancedFrame Advanced Elements inflatable kayak carry handles" />

2 handles for carrying the AE1012 inflatable kayak

The Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame inflatable kayak is equipped with a handle on the front and a handle on the back for lifting and carrying. These moulded rubber handles are reinforced with a strict grip.

Plenty of storage for your excursions

The Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame inflatable kayak is a sporty kayak with lots of storage space. This aspect is ideal for excursions and other trips. Need to carry dry clothes, car keys, a meal, emergency equipment, bivouac gear...? No problem, this inflatable kayak has plenty of storage space. The deck net allows, among other things, to easily carry a fifty-litre waterproof


At the front and rear of the kayak, generous storage spaces allow you to secure your luggage under the nylon canvas. The sides of the boat provide excellent waterproofing and therefore maximum protection for personal belongings carried.

<img style="max-width: 90%;" src="" alt="Kayak storage and stowage spaces" />
<img src="" alt="Advanced Elements Frame inflatable kayak's durable construction" />

Excellent design

The hull of the boat has integrated aluminium ribs at the stern and bow. This provides improved directionality compared to other inflatable kayaks on the market. The cover design benefits from 3 layers of materials offering extreme puncture resistance and the sides of the coaming are covered with neoprene to protect against paddle rubbing. The sides of the coaming are covered with neoprene to protect the paddles from rubbing. This provides better long-term protection for the Spraydeck fabric.

The welded seams on the kayak are a guarantee of watertightness and solidity of the assembly. The factory pre-assembly makes the kayak easy to use and install. Simply unroll it, inflate it and attach the seat.

Centreboard and guide rail

In spite of its already pronounced penetration profile, the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame inflatable kayak is equipped with a centreboard that ensures a certain directivity in the laminar flow. This avoids the "ice wiper" effect.

<img src="" alt="Dérive kayak gonflable Advanced Elements Frame" />
<img src=" inflatable-kayak-advanced-elements-frame.jpg" alt="Valve, eyelet, Advanced Elements inflatable kayak seat" />

Many innovative elements

The ADVANCED Elements AdvancedFrame inflatable kayak has a number of features that make it really practical to use:
- Main stop leak valve
- 4 front bridges
- Central attachment of the kayak back
- Seat adjustment

Drop-stitch construction of the AdvancedFrame Elite

How it works: As shown on inflatable paddle boards, drop-stitch technology creates extremely rigid, high-pressure shapes. Once a drop-stitch floor is placed inside the kayak, it creates an extremely rigid hull, which improves the tracking and speed of the kayak. Why choose it: The dropt-stitch floor offers the best in stiffness and stability, once installed, it stays in place. There is no need to remove it every time you use the kayak. Plus, if you're paddling in shallow water with hidden "surprises" below the water's surface or landing in high waves, the drop-stitch is the way to go.

<img src="" alt="dropstitch" />


Length : 320 cm
Width : 82 cm
Weight : 16 kg
Maximum loads : 136 kg
Air chambers : 7
Space requirement : 75 x 43 x 25 cm

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